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Gordion Business Consulting Ltd. Tel +358 9 4134 3611 Boost your business performance and Finance department´s productivity PRIMAVISTA.

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1 Gordion Business Consulting Ltd. Tel +358 9 4134 3611 Boost your business performance and Finance department´s productivity PRIMAVISTA TM

2 Gordion Business Consulting and Primavista We help our customers to utilize effectively the information produced by the existing IT Systems as well as to boost the handling process of the business information. In customized system solutions we use Primavista, which is the Software Suite on top of SQL databases for planning, controlling and analyzing your business. Our aim is not to tie our customers by cumbersome technology in order to sell as much working hours as possible for build-up, implementation and after sales support. Instead, our strategy is to offer a powerful solution, which the customer is able to manage fully, without continual support by outside consultants. Gordion Business Consulting Ltd.2 This will result in better transparency as well as in Finance department´s considerably improved productivity.

3 Gordion Business Consulting Ltd.3 Primavista is a finnish software application for steering the business: for Management Reporting, for Budgeting and Forecasting as well as for Consolidated Financial Statements – regadless the size and field of business of your company. What Primavista is? Primavista completes ERP systems by providing flexible reporting, analyzing and planning capabilities on top. Primavista replaces and automates what is typically done laboriously with the bundle of spreadsheet models and with other, more complicated and technical skills demanding tools. Primavista is three-tier system on top of SQL databases, which uses both local area networks and Internet to channel the information top-down and bottom-up, in order to generate transparency throughout the organization. Regardless of the running environment, own local network or as a service, use of Primavista is alike cloud computing without installations on local workstations.

4 Gordion Business Consulting Ltd.4 Principles of Primavista Primavista is the tool to collect and combine information processed be the source systems into one central data store, automatically. With help of Primavista, planning and follow-up can be made to be one entity, reflecting each other as far as data content and its accuracy are concerned. Rolling-out the use down to each business unit boosts operational practises, standardizes modes of action as well as speeds up the information flow and makes it more precise. By automating the manual routine work done by using spreadsheets and other technically challenging tools, the tasks of Finance department will become rationalized, thus releasing time for real expertise. With Primavista each organization unit can monitor exactly their own information, with the accuracy they need

5 Operation mode of Primavista Gordion Business Consulting Ltd.5

6 The modules of Primavista Software Suite Gordion Business Consulting Ltd.6

7 Advantages offered by Primavista  One tool for planning, controlling and analyzing, to make planning and controlling to become equal and one entity  The customized solution is made by non-technical build-up and maintenance functions of Primavista  No technical modifications needed; quick, riskless and effective implementation  Maintenance of the system can be fully in customer´s own hands, no external consultants required  Practical implementation and roll-out the system; no manual installations on PC´s required due to centralized server software  Clear divisioning of roles between the steering system and systems providing data for it; no technically fixed integration 7 Gordion Business Consulting Ltd.

8 Decentralized use means channelling of liability, sharpens the information and boosts its flow, resulting in enhanced commitment as well as in transprency through the organization Makes possible to do precise planning and active follow-up directly on the spot, which can result in immediate corrective measures Primavista is the instrument for the active steering Beside the accounting staff, each manager can use these tools in steering the own business unit – transparency and better productivity of Finance department as a byproduct! Advantages achieved: The automated handling process and decentralized use reduce consideralbly work load and running costs of Finance department Gordion Business Consulting Ltd.8

9 Cumulative costs in the long run Profile analysis of Primavista Start price: Acquisition of software licences or tool kit or combination of both Difference in total costs The new system starts to bring benefits Accumulated costs Time in moths Primavista – real off-the-self software Technical semiproduct to be taylored A mere concept to be fully taylored Implementation costs Continuous costs (external support) Start-up Gordion Business Consulting Ltd.9

10 Incomparable ROI Return On Investment is exceptionally fast. Boosted business performance as well as better accuracy of information and its accelerated flow generate considerable advantages.  Primavista uses the existing IT Infrastructure, incl. servers, SQL database, LAN and Internet connections  Due to structured transfer files, light integration with source systems, therefore Primavista is compatible with your existing as well as future IT systems  Implementation goes on quickly, so the build-up phase does not tie your resources for months or years; implementation takes from less than a week to few weeks only  Super Users can manage the system maintenance fully without technical expertice, therefore minimal external maintenance costs after start-up Gordion Business Consulting Ltd.10

11 Examples of our referencies Gordion Business Consulting Ltd.11

12 What Gordion actually offers? We offer possibilities to develop your company´s internal activity standars and to boost your business performance, plus: Contact us! Gordion Business Consulting Ltd. Tel +358 9 4134 3611 / / Safety Our off-the-self software, expertise, referencies Continuity Long-span business activity since 1988 Efficiency Our well-thought mode of action plus our extraordinary software Development Continual product development based on the understanding the needs of our customers Gordion Business Consulting Ltd.12

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