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Ncg | group about | navigator xlforecast +46 8 611 76 20

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1 ncg | group about | navigator xlforecast +46 8 611 76 20

2 ncg | group 1)reporting templates creates in microsoft excel by the financial department 2)xls-files are distributed via e-mail from the financial department to budget responsible 3)the budget is entered, on lowest level, in the microsoft excel templates by budget responsible 4)sub budgets are consolidated by budget responsible (link. of excel sheets/workbook) 5)xls-files are returned from budget responsible to the financial department about | traditional budgeting 1(3)

3 ncg | group 6)consolidation on company level (many xls-files shall be linked, checking of total budget against sub budgets etc. at the financial department) 7)budget analysis, internal meetings 8)budget revise (back to 3) 9)budget are presented for the board 10)ev. new budget revise (back to 3) about | traditional budgeting 2(3)

4 ncg | group 11)budget fixed! 12)budget files from microsoft excel templates are updated in the financial system 13)transfer of budget files to the financial system (check against correct identities, adjustment of errors in budget files and/or tables in the financial system) 14)order of budget reports from the financial system (check against excel budgets) 15)done!!! about | traditional budgeting 3(3)

5 ncg | group complicated to manage budgets with many dimensions in microsoft excel (accounts, departments, products, markets etc.) complicated to manage budget on many levels (structures) a lot of effort spent on putting together figures in microsoft excel (complicated links of workbooks, formulas gives many sources for errors) central work is often performed by one en (1) person = critical resource in the budget process less time for analysis (difficult to get a clear overview) difficult to work with parallel budget versions no check against tables in the financial system about | problem areas

6 ncg | group transactions strategic information indicators ratios about | our solution formula sap jeeves navision axapta navision xal navision attain ifs baan budget/forecast responsiblefinancial department entered budget/forecast basic data and templates navigator | xlforecast navigator | xlreport analysis updated budget/forecast templates navigator | xlforecast

7 ncg | group report templates is created in microsoft excel flexible framework for design -optional naming etc. -control codes on row 1 and column a (see xlreport) -free design of layout microsoft excel templates stored and distributed trough the sql-database about | design of report templates

8 ncg | group budget responsible collects report templates from the database reporting of budget values directly in templates users activates storage to database via menu option reported budget values are stored in the navigator data warehouse when values are stored control against tables are performed authority check (for example that user x are allowed to store budget values for department 100) about | reporting of budget values

9 ncg | group xlreport is used to put together the budget easy to put together figures on different organizational levels (department, region, company total etc.) easy to put together budgets on different dimensions no complicated links in microsoft excel to put together budget since xlreport collects values directly from the navigator data warehouse to the budget report about | order of consolidated budget reports

10 ncg | group xlforecast controls authorities through user roles each user are connected to a user role where the authority are defined (for example which table values the user has authority to enter or which functions the user shall be allowed to access) about | authority control

11 ncg | group xlforecast has a inbuilt table for definition of hierarchal structures integration bridges of, in the erp-system, already defined structures possible to work with parallel structure trees (version management, simulation possibilities) about | structure management

12 ncg | group xlforecast works with value types which makes it possible to define your own value types for budgets and forecasts about | forecast management

13 ncg | group xlforecast log all value updates Makes it possible to centrally follow up status for reported budgets and forecasts (per version) lock functions, centrally responsible locks the possibility to change budgets or forecasts (per version) about | logging functionality

14 ncg | group about | examples of menus in xlforecast

15 ncg | group about | example of reporting

16 ncg | group about | example of reporting

17 ncg | group about | example of company

18 ncg | group time saving tools for managing the budget process and/or running forecast reporting and follow up integrated solution between microsoft excel, data warehouse and your financial system all values are stored directly in the database inbuilt security (authority control and value check) easy consolidation of budgets/forecasts (no links between microsoft excel spreadsheets) minimized time managing figures = more time for analysis about | advantages with xlforecast

19 ncg | group about | navigator xlforecast

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