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WM to EWM Migration RDS.

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1 WM to EWM Migration RDS

2 WM to EWM Migration RDS What is my pain? What are my needs?
Complex warehousing processes, with high degree of variations Decentralization and performance in focus Scope of functions needs to be enhanced as business develops Modifications added over last years leading to complexity and high maintenance costs What are my needs? Functioning warehouse system for existing lay-out and master data, with minimal cost & pain Next generation automation techniques in your warehouses Continuous development in your supply chain execution Replacement of modifications by appropriate use of innovations 2

3 WM to EWM Migration RDS EWM vs. WM 3

4 WM to EWM Migration RDS EWM vs. WM Best in class warehouse management
SAP’s strategical warehouse solution Strong investment Enhanced process flexibility Fully visable warehouse Labor management Increased performance 4

5 WM to EWM Migration RDS EWM vs. WM 5

6 Rapid Deployment Solutions
WM to EWM Migration RDS Rapid Deployment Solution Software Quickly address the most urgent business processes Content SAP best practices, templates and tools make solution adoption easier Enablement Guides and educational material speed end user adoption Service Fixed scope and price provides maximum predictability and lowers risk Service Software Enablement Content Rapid Deployment Solutions 6

7 SAP Rapid Deployment Solutions
WM to EWM Migration RDS WM to EWM Migration RDS SAP Rapid Deployment Solutions Tool & Guides for accelerated migration Migration of current WM: Processes Warehouse structure Warehouse stock Master data To Extended Warehouse Management 7

8 WM to EWM Migration RDS Migration Procedure 8

9 WM to EWM Migration RDS Rapid Deployment Solution
Use Standard EWM transaction to Download data from ERP WM Upload data to EWM ERP WM EWM Master data, inventory etc. 9

10 WM to EWM Migration RDS RDS Benefits Reuse Predictability Choice
Standardized reuse of current WM systems Fast, easy and smooth transition to EWM Lower total costs Predictability Predictable price, scope and time Fast value within days / weeks Choice Have your critical processes functioning quickly Flexible choice of further standard functionalities 10

11 WM to EWM Migration RDS RDS Key Facts 11 Benefits Delivery Details
Rapid migration of key warehouse management customizing data Clear migration concept using SAP best-practices and tools Integrated SAP EWM sandbox with customer-specific organizational structure and working core processes and selected best-practice processes Delivery methodology: On-site and remote with consultants from local market unit Implementation time: ~ 2,5 weeks Effort: ~ 19 person days Costs: contact local market unit Service Content Service Description Migration of warehouse management from SAP ERP to SAP EWM includes: Setting-up SAP ERP – SAP EWM connectivity Migration of warehouse structure Migration of cross-process settings Migration of putaway,stock removal and replenishment strategies Integration of relevant master data objects Validation of selected processes Creation of key issue list with migration issues Hand-over workshop with key users after migration This rapid-deployment solution is targeted at customers who currently use SAP ERP WM and want to migrate their warehouse management solution to SAP EWM It contains a clear scope, pricing, timeline and outcomes and thus ensures to finish the project on time and on budget The customer receives a sandbox system with a customer- specific organizational layout and working processes It is the foundation for a subsequent SAP EWM implementation project The migration is done for 1 warehouse 11

12 For more information Managing Director Rogier Post +31 (0)652569705
Managing Partner Joachim van Goch +31 (0) Website 12

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