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Hyperion EPM Overview & Case Study.

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1 Hyperion EPM Overview & Case Study

2 Agenda Introduction EPM Product Overview Case Study

3 Introduction Use Hyperion?

4 4/16/2017 Oracle Integrated BI ERP FDQM Acct Close Planning

5 Oracle Integrated ERP - Actual Amounts FDQM – Load / Map Data
4/16/2017 Oracle Integrated ERP - Actual Amounts FDQM – Load / Map Data HFM – Consolidated Actual Amounts HP – Budget / Planning BI Tools


7 Financial Close Hyperion Financial Management (HFM)
4/16/2017 Financial Close Hyperion Financial Management (HFM) Comprehensive, Web-based application that delivers global financial consolidation, reporting & analysis. Hyperion Financial Close Mgt Centralizes mgt of all period-end close activities, replacing checklists with dynamic dashboards that give users ability to immediately view & act on info. Hyperion Disclosure Mgt Centralize & effectively manage the development of XBRL tagged submissions

8 Planning Hyperion Planning Hyperion Workforce Planning
4/16/2017 Hyperion Planning Centralized, Excel & Web-based planning, budgeting and forecasting solution that integrates financial & operational planning processes and improves business predictability. Hyperion Workforce Planning Planning module that makes headcount, salary, & compensation planning fast and efficient across the enterprise. Hyperion Capital Asset Planning Planning module that automates the planning of capital assets and capital asset related expenses,

9 Case Study Growing US medical company Headquarters in Northwest
Multiple sites across country Annual Budget Process done manually in Excel

10 Challenges Extremely time consuming Build and manage model
What if analysis Report on data Comparative reporting Actual vs. Budget Track versions of budget amounts Minimal controls in place Security of data – on laptop Not easy to share with others Consolidating amounts

11 Solution Jibe Jumpstart Implementation
Implement Hyperion EPM System – Planning Central repository database Integrates actual and budget amounts Standard calculations Decentralize Planning Uses multi-dimensional hierarchies Use BI Tools Financial Reports – Well formatted reports Excel Smart View – Ad hoc analysis

12 Project Phases Requirements / Design Build / Unit Test Test
Deploy / Go Live

13 What is so unique about this project?

14 Implementation They built most of the application themselves
For a tiny fraction of the time and cost In less than 3 months

15 How is that possible?

16 Jump Start Consultant for project involved in sales cycle
Hosted Application Customized detailed training session Design session for current and future needs Prioritize requirements & assign to phases Keep only ‘must have’ items in phase 1 Detailed design document Weekly task review sessions Jibe built initial calculations Detailed calculation review Phases!!! Identify requirements current and future Design model to support future development Start slow and build solid foundation Expand in phases

17 Timeline 3/25 - Initial Sales Meeting 4/1 – Scoping discussion
4/12 – Customized training 4/14 – Design session 4/19 – Jibe installs / hosts Hyperion 4/30 – Approve detailed design document 5/1 – Create Planning application shell May – Company X builds system June – Company X tests system July 1st – Go Live – Start annual budget process

18 Phase 1 Finance owns and maintains system Budget for: Revenues
Expenses Individual employee expenses including existing and new employees Capital Expenditures Load current year budget and actual amounts Comparative Income Statement reporting Use Department Excel templates

19 Phase 1 (con’t) Calculations Aggregations Clear Data
Project Allocation Employee Expenses Deferred Compensation Shift Differential Salary Adjustment Bonus 401K Payroll Taxes Benefits Temporary Labor

20 Phase 2 - Expand Phase 2 - < 2 Months Calculation Training
Add additional calculations New hire salary Depreciation Allocations Start quarterly forecasting within system Web Forms Reports Calculations Automate calculations to run nightly

21 Phase 3 Phase 3 - < 2 Months
Decentralize data entry to ~45 departments Expand Budgeting and Reporting Balance Sheet Cash Flow

22 Benefits Decentralization Departments took ownership of their data
Provided better understanding of data Workflow identified bottlenecks BI Tools Less mgt s asking for data Less time to develop budget & forecasts More time & improved analysis tools

23 Key Characteristics Small Core Team 1-2 people who makes decisions
Availability Committed / Incentive to succeed Standardized stable hierarchies, data entry, calculations and reporting


25 Workspace

26 Planning

27 Smart View

28 Reporting

29 Web Analysis

30 Ad Hoc Analysis

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