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notepad Desk Board board eraser Chalk Globe Pocket calculator exercise

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1 notepad Desk Board board eraser Chalk Globe Pocket calculator exercise
book Diary folder sheet of paper notepad Schoolbag, backpack Pen Pencil Felt-tip pen highlighter paintbrush Pencil-case

2 fluid Pencil - sharpener rubber glue scissors roll of sellotape
correction fluid Paper - clips stapler staples ruler protractor Voice recorder register Headmaster / principal caretaker/ janitor secretariat (ufficio) Desk - mate - waste paper basket I apologize teacher, I didn’t study yesterday I can’t find (my folder) Has anyone found (my folder)? Can I borrow your (pen)? Can you lend me your (pen)?

3 . USEFUL EXPRESSIONS I’m sorry, …. Good morning. Hello everyone!
CLASS 2/3D USEFUL EXPRESSIONS Good morning. Hello everyone! Good morning teacher! Who’s absent today? I’m sorry, …. Open your books at page ten. Now turn to page eleven! Turn over the page! Close your books, now! Listen to me, listen up! I’m late. I’ve left my book/ notebook at home I’ve lost my notebook . I didn’t study yesterday because… I didn’t do the exercises yesterday I didn’t record my voice /do the recording …because I didn’t feel well yesterday. …… I had some problems with … Don’t be so loud, please. Not so loud, please. I don’t understand Can you speak more slowly ? Can you give an example? Can you explain it? Can you say that again? Can you repeat that? Let’s read! Let’s listen to the CD now.. Listen and repeat. I didn’t hear.

4 Excuse me , …. Work in pairs Can I ask/ say something? groups of three
Can I go out (when he comes back ) ? This is your homework! Can I open /close the window? Can we Can I have an extra sheet, please? have a break now? Goodbye, class! Have you got another copy, please? Can I go to the secretariat ? I’d like another copy, please Have a nice Day/ weekend . What shall I do, shall I read? How do you spell this word? How do you pronounce this word? What’s the English for “ libro”? Open /close….. please, do What’s the Italian for “book”? Don’t open / don’t close…. please, don’t What does…….. mean? Let’s listen = Let us listen … we together Is this correct? Let’s not listen = Let us not listen… we How do you say in English when/ if... together Is this a mistake? What’s wrong with this word/ sentence? Excuse me , please… attract attention Is there a difference between… and.. ? I’m (terribly) sorry …. a pologize Goodbye, teacher! See you !

5 CLASSROOM LANGUAGE 3 Nouns Dictionary = dizionario
Language/science laboratori (lab) Staff room / teachers’ room = sala insegnanti Library = biblioteca Toilets = bagni Headmaster’s office = ufficio del preside Administration office =segreteria Canteen = mensa Gym = palestra Sports centre = centro sportivo Classmate = compagno di classe Librarian = bibliotecario Secretary = segretaria/o Teacher’s desk = cattedra Cabinet/locker = armadietto Clothes - hook = appendiabiti, attaccapanni Verbs To attend = frequentare To study = studiare To know = sa pere To understand = capire To teach = insegnare To explain = spiegare To last = durare To reach = raggiungere To test = verificare To read = leggere To write = scrivere To draw = disegnare To listen (to) = ascoltare To check = verifi care To repeat = ripetere To mean = significare To share = condividere (qualcosa ) Expressions To have/ skip a lesson = avere/saltare una lezione To have a test = avere una verifica To have an oral interview = avere un’interrogazione To fail = fallire, non superare (una prova) To pass = superare/passare (una prova To look a word up in a dictionary cercare una parola nel dizionario To keep up = stare al passo To hand in = consegnare To learn (by h eart)r = imparare (a memoria) To do one’s homework = fare I compiti To write down/make notes = prendere appunti To give an example = fare un esempio To pay attention = fare attenzione To ask a question = fare una domanda CLASSROOM LANGUAGE CLASS 3 / 3D

6 CLASSROOM LANGUAGE Nouns Textbook = libro di testo Set square
( US triangle) = squadra Break = intervallo Map = carta geografica School uniform = uniforme School subject = materia School timetable = orario Lesson/class = lezione Term = periodo di studio (es. trimestre,quadrimestre) Form, level = classe, anno (I’m in the 1st form = sono al anno) Graduate = laureato Dean = preside (di facoltà) Lecture = lezione universitaria Boarding school = collegio Degree = diploma, laurea Scholarship = borsa di studio Verbs To borrow To revise = ripassare To practise = esercitarsi To copy = copiare To underline = sottolineare To erase = cancellare To behave = comportarsi (bene) To educate = istruire To lend = prestare To graduate = laurearsi To cheat = imbrogliare, copiare (dai compagni) Expressions To leave school = uscire da scuola To take an exam = sostenere un esame To have/get a degree in = avere/prendere una laurea in To be good/bad at = esser bravo in To be punished for To be absent from (school/..) Multiply/divide (22) by (2) To pick up = learn (informally) To fill in (a form) = compilare (un modulo) To put one’s hand = T o concentrate Participate in sth Cooperate with sb Compete against sb Compare sth/sb with.. = paragonare To catch up with one’s lessons = star dietro, capire le lezioni To give lessons, classes = fare lezione CLASSROOM LANGUAGE

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