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TSA Speaking Skills (Primary 3)

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1 TSA Speaking Skills (Primary 3)

2 Spontaneous Language Use

3 Spontaneous Language Use
Teacher Good morning! I’m Miss Kwok. How are you? Student X Good morning! I’m Tom. Good morning, Miss Kwok. I’m fine, thank you. Listen to the teacher carefully. Remember the teacher’s name and answer him / her correctly.

4 Spontaneous Language Use
Teacher What’s your name? (in a very soft voice) Student X I don’t know. I’m sorry. I can’t hear you. Tell the teacher politely if you cannot hear him / her. You can also say ‘Pardon?’ or ‘Sorry, could you repeat the question?’

5 Spontaneous Language Use
Teacher Can you write your name on this paper? Here’s a pen. X My name is Peter Chan. Student Sure. Thank you. Student Listen carefully to what the teacher asks you to do. For example, write down your name if the teacher asks you to do so.

6 Reading Aloud (4 marks)

7 Reading Aloud Read the text fluently and clearly
Christmas is coming and we are happy. Mum and Dad say good children can have a big Christmas present. “I’m a good child. Can I have one?” I ask. “No,” Mum says, “you break two bowls today!” Read the text fluently and clearly Try not to make pronunciation mistakes

8 Expression of Personal Experiences (4 marks)

9 Experience Sharing Have you had a Christmas party before?
Teacher Have you had a Christmas party before? Yes, I have had a Christmas party at school with my classmates before. I like Christmas parties. Student No, I usually go travelling with my family during the Christmas holidays.

10 Experience Sharing What do you usually do at your Christmas party?
Teacher What do you usually do at your Christmas party? I usually play games with my classmates. We eat at the party too. Our mothers cook the food for us. I give presents and Christmas cards to my classmates. Student

11 Experience Sharing Teacher What other things do you do during the Christmas holidays? I go shopping with my family. I play ball games with my classmates. I read books too. I have tests after the Christmas holidays. Student

12 Experience Sharing Do you like Christmas? Why or why not?
Teacher Do you like Christmas? Why or why not? Yes, I do. I am very happy during the Christmas holidays. I can play with my family and my friends at Christmas. Student No, I don’t. It is usually cold at Christmas. I don’t like cold weather.

13 Experience Sharing 1. Do not give ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ answers
only. Try to give related details. You can get higher marks if you speak more. 2. Do not be afraid of making grammatical mistakes. Marks will not be deducted if the teacher can understand you.

14 Picture Descriptions (6 marks)

15 The teacher will ask you some questions about one or more pictures.
Picture Descriptions

16 Picture Descriptions What are the children doing? Teacher

17 Picture Descriptions The children are having a party. Some of them are playing. Some of them are looking at their presents. Student

18 Picture Descriptions What presents do they get? Teacher

19 Picture Descriptions They get a teddy bear, a pencil case and a robot. They are very happy. Student

20 Picture Descriptions What food do they have? Teacher

21 Picture Descriptions They have a lot of food. There are roast chicken, cakes, potato chips, cola and sweets. Student

22 - The End -

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