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The Glottle or Blass Presented by Paul Vlietstra.

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1 The Glottle or Blass Presented by Paul Vlietstra

2 Convenience I want to provide a convenient drinking vessel for functions. Imagine yourself at the recent Southern Trust ID Fashion Week, the Wingatui Races, Canterbury Cup Day, The Melbourne Cup or even just at a friends BBQ. Youve just been given a bottle of bubbly and a plastic cup to pour & drink it from. My invention will eliminate the need for a 2 nd vessel or the plastic cup.

3 Convenience continued Standing up at a function and holding a bottle in one hand and a cup in the other posses a few problems My invention lets you have one hand free for; Handing out business cards Handshakes Eating nibbles

4 Elegance Who likes drinking wine from a plastic cup? Especially when it cracks! Or drinking their bubbly straight from the bottle? Or even through a straw? My invention eliminates these issues and is much more elegant!

5 Environmentally friendly If there is no need for a plastic cup there is a lot less waste or impact on the environment Distribution is simpler (less packaging) Organisation is simpler (less products required) Clean up is easier (less waste) All of these points have some sort of impact on the environment while also having other obvious benefits for the organiser of events that require beverages

6 Security You dont have to put your bottle down Reduces the risk of getting your drink spiked

7 What is the Glottle or Blass you ask? Its Environmentally friendly Its Convenient Its Elegant It is …….

8 A glass in a bottle

9 A bottle in a glass

10 Various shape options

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