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Create and Edit Movies with Windows Movie Maker A Tutorial by Laura Cadavid.

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1 Create and Edit Movies with Windows Movie Maker A Tutorial by Laura Cadavid

2 About the Software Windows Movie Maker 2.1 is an Instructional Software that provides teachers with instructional support. It is classified as a Professional Productivity software. Windows Movie Maker software is a Freeware (a.k.a. Open Source Software). It is a copyright software given away for free by the author (Microsoft). It can be downloaded free from Download. COM Maker/3000-2194_4-10187903.html Maker/3000-2194_4-10187903.html

3 How to get Windows Movie Maker 1. Start 2. All Programs 3. Accessories 4. Windows Movie Maker Follow this four simple steps to get to Windows Movie Maker from your computer

4 Microsoft Movie Maker Working Areas Show Storyboard / Show Timeline Movie Tasks Movie / Picture Preview Window Video, Pictures, Music Collections

5 Importing pictures/video/music 1. Import Pictures 2. Select pictures from a file

6 Importing Pictures Follow the same steps to import the pictures you want to use 1. Click picture 2. Import picture to collection area

7 Importing Music 1. Import music 2. Choose the song 3. Import to collection area

8 Add pictures to Storyboard from Collection Click and drag picture to Storyboard repeat with other pictures Pictures / video / music collections

9 Enhance Movie by adding Effects and Transitions 1. Tools 2. Video Effects or Video Transitions Add Effects / Transitions in Storyboard view

10 Add Effects Click effect and drag to star in picture Add effects to pictures to make them look lively

11 Add Transitions A transition controls how a movie plays a picture to the next 1.Go to Tools 2.Video Transitions 3. Click and drag the transition and place it in the rectangle between slides

12 Add Titles, Credits, overlays 1. Tools 2. Titles and Credits 3. Choose from: Title in beginning of movie Credit at the end of movie Title before a clip Title on a clip

13 Add Title Page and Credit Page Title page Preview credits 2. Click done to add credit to movie 1. Enter text for credits

14 Add titles to pictures Enter text Overlay titles can only be added in Timeline View Preview text Click done to add overlays

15 Add music In Timeline View Click and drag music to Audio / Music section of Timeline Click and drag to trim audio to fit video

16 Or add Narration 1. Click on microphone to narrate Timeline 2. Start Narration 3. Stop narration In Timeline View

17 Save Project When you save your movie as a project you can edit the movie later 1. File 2. Save Project as Preview movie before saving project

18 Save Movie 1.File 2.Save Movie File 3. Save Movie to: My computer Recordable CD E-mail The Web DV Camera 4. Press Next Follow the directions on the screen When saving your movie to computer Select Best quality for playback

19 Classroom Resources Microsoft Windows Movie Maker How to center aker/default.mspx aker/default.mspx About. COM Beginner's Guide to Windows Movie Maker a/beginners_4.htm a/beginners_4.htm Atomic Learning Windows Movie Maker video tutorials

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