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Using Photo Story 3 by Angela Gallacher. How to get Photo Story 3 digitalphotography/photostory/default.msp.

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1 Using Photo Story 3 by Angela Gallacher

2 How to get Photo Story 3 digitalphotography/photostory/default.msp x Photo Story is a free program (from MicroSoft) that is available on the Internet. The program allows you add voice and music to your pictures.

3 Example of Photo Story 3

4 Step One: Begin Download the program and start it up. Choose Begin a new story and click next.

5 Step Two: Import Pictures Click import Pictures and bring in the pictures you want to use for your show. You can use pictures from your camera or ones you found on the Internet (make sure they are legal.

6 Step Three: Organize Pick your pictures carefully. They should support the topic that you are teaching. When you have the pictures that you want to use, put them in order and write a script to go along with the photos. Cover all the important points of the standard but dont be to wordy.

7 Step Four: Add text Add any text to the pictures that will enhance the lesson. Your can change the color, font, and size of the text. You can move the text up and down or center it.

8 Step Five: Add Voice Using your script, narrate your slides. Using a voice with a little character will make your show more interesting. For better quality sound use a microphone. This is also something your students can do for a class project. If you get this error message select no and keep recording. Record sound on each slide as needed. When you are done click next.

9 Step Six: Add Music You can import music from the internet or a CD (make sure you use the fair use policy) or use the built in music from the program. There is a large collection of music on in the program and you will not have to worry about license issues. You can add music to each slide or use the same music for the entire presentation.

10 Step Seven: Finish Save your story by selecting the first option and select next. To view your story select the first button.

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