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Wild About Career and Technology Education We Are Vidor Independent School District.

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1 Wild About Career and Technology Education We Are Vidor Independent School District

2 that Movie By Christy Bailey Llewellyn LeDoux Penny Singleton FLIP

3 Windows MovieMaker 2 Free video-editing tool for simple projects Included with Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2 Comes preloaded or can download If you have Windows 7, –Although Windows Movie Maker has been in every version of Windows Me, XP and Vista, it isn't included in Windows 7. –Optional free download of the new Windows Live Movie Maker

4 Project Folder (ORGANIZE!) Choose a location for your project folder –My Documents –Desktop –My Pictures –My Videos, etc. Save or copy & paste your pictures, videos, music, narration

5 Overview of the Interface Menu bar Toolbar Collection Pane Task Pane Storyboard/Timeline Preview Pane

6 Step 1: Importing Pictures/Music/Video Click on Import from the Movie Tasks pane on the left-hand side of your screen. Navigate to the location and select the item to import. When it is selected, click on the Import button. The item will appear in the collection pane.

7 Importing Pictures to Storyboard Drag the picture to the storyboard and drop in place. Select multiple pictures at one time to drag.

8 Adding Music Music –Enhance the mood or crank up the energy of your movies by adding music. Royalty Free Music See list provided for you with your handout.

9 Adding Video with the Flip Importing video with a variety of formats. –Video files:.asf,.avi,.m1v,.mp2,.mp2v,.mpe,.mpeg,.mpg,.mpv2,.wm,.wmv Before adding your video from the Flip, you first have to install the free software that comes with the purchase of the camera.

10 Adding Video Make sure to remove the  if you don’t want your video to be divided into many short clips Video files import automatically into a different collection.

11 Preview Tools Play – plays (& pauses) the video clip Stop – stops & moves back to beginning Back – jumps back to the beginning of the clip Previous frame – moves back one frame at a time in the video clip Next frame – moves forward one frame at a time in the video clip Forward – jumps to the end of the clip Split -- splits the clip into two clips at the current frame Take Picture – saves a frame of video as an image (.jpg)

12 Adding Narration Narration – Connect microphone or use built-in – Record your voice to describe the scenes of what’s happening on-screen or off- camera.

13 Step 2: Video Transitions & Effects Video Transitions (60) –Provides visual movement as one picture or video clip changes to another (similar to PowerPoint) Video Effects (28) –Applied to the picture itself –May use more than 1 effect

14 Titles & Credits Choose Make Titles or Credits For all of the title choices, you can also add animation to the title and change the font and the font color of the title text. You can show a title on a blank (colored) background or on a selected clip (picture). You can use titles throughout your movie to introduce scenes or describe what is happening. Credits at the end of your movie tells the viewer who was in the movie or thank the people who helped make the movie.

15 Saving MovieMaker project file saves as.mswmm (Microsoft Windows Movie Maker) extension Red X’s appear when files are saved on different computers or moved into different folders once project has been created and saved.

16 Step 3: Finish the Movie The Save Movie Wizard lets you quickly save your project as a final movie. Shows estimated movie file size.wmv format You can save and store the movie on your computer or CD send it as an attachment in an e-mail message or to a video hosting provider on the Web. record your movie to a tape in a DV camera.

17 Example: CTE MovieCTE Movie Example: San AntonioSan Antonio Example: GrandpaGrandpa

18 Resources

19 Thank You for choosing our Safari Hunting Trophies (Door Prizes)

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