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A-Z California Indians How to create your slide for the presentation.

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2 A-Z California Indians How to create your slide for the presentation

3 What to include 1. Each slide must have the word that you are defining 2. Type in the definition with the page number from our Social Studies book 3. Type at least 2 sentences explaining how that word relates to California Indians 4. Input a picture 5. Don’t forget to include your name!

4 Edit each slide  Re-read everything you typed to be sure it makes sense  Right click on any misspelled words – they will be underlined in red  Fix any errors you find find

5 Add a background  Click on “Design” or go to “Format” on the menu bar and scroll down to “Slide Design”  Select a background design that fits your word definition  You may also change the font, font size, and font color

6 Inputting an Internet Picture  Go to Google on the internet Google  Select “Images” from the screen menu  Type in the key words for your words for your definition definition  Scroll through the pictures the pictures and find one and find one for your slide for your slide

7 Inputting an Internet Picture  Right click on the picture, select “Copy”  Go back to your Power-point, right click on your slide and select “Paste”  Then use the boxes on the diagonals to re-size your picture

8 Input a Picture from Clip Art  Select “Insert” from the menu  Scroll down to “Picture” with the black arrow  Click on “Clip Art”  In the box that appears, type your key words  Choose a picture from the options given

9 You’ve Finished!  Save your slide  Review your slide  Be sure you included all 5 items  Make changes to help it look the best

10 Additional Options  Animation  Hyperlinks Hyperlinks   Sound  Transitions

11 Another Additional Option  You may choose to use your picture as your background: –Click on your picture –Drag on the diagonal bubbles to re-size –Once it’s the size you want right click on the picture and choose “Order” –Select “Send to Back” –Your font should be in front, change size and color if you choose

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