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SE ALARM One Day Seminar Partnerships and Insurance Implications 24 th January 2007 Pam Savill Account Director - RMP.

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1 SE ALARM One Day Seminar Partnerships and Insurance Implications 24 th January 2007 Pam Savill Account Director - RMP

2 Agenda  Background Information  What is a Partnership?  Types of Partnerships  Every Child Matters  Extended Schools  Children’s Trusts  Conclusion

3 Background Information  Government has chosen Partnership working as a key means to deliver policy programme at a local level  Local Govt now engaged in a wide range of Partnership working  Increasingly bringing public, private and voluntary sectors together

4 What is a Partnership?  Definitions vary  “Any project where the Authority works with any other person(s)/entity(ies) (formally or informally) in pursuance of the Authority’s objectives”

5 Types of Partnerships?  Strategic Service Partnerships  PFI  Crime and Disorder  Local Area Agreements  Local Strategic Partnerships  Children’s Trusts

6 Every Child Matters  Every Child Matters - Change for Children  Published Nov 2004  To improve the way in which Children’s services are planned, organised and provided  Looking at 2 areas and the insurance implications of these:-  Extended Schools  Children's Trusts

7 Extended Schools  A key way of delivering Every Child Matters  Works with local providers, agencies, other schools to provide access to extended services, including:-  Wraparound childcare all year round  A varied range of activities including homework clubs, study support, sport, music tuition etc  Parenting and family support  Swift and easy referral to specialist services  Community use of facilities

8 Extended Schools – Insurance Implications  Insurance Position  Number of different ways for schools to deliver extended services  If schools/PTA provide an activity – policy cover would operate  Need to have control of activity, carried our risk assessment etc  Additional activities/facilities provided by outside bodies relating to community activities rather than directly connected with the school  Should have their own insurance

9 Extended Schools – Insurance Implications  Extend Hirers Liability  Affiliated Groups scheme  No ‘one size fits all’ solution

10 Children’s Trusts  Key Points  Greater integration of Services  More specialised help  Reconfiguration of services around the child

11 Children’s Trusts  Under Children's Act 2004  Duty to:-  Promote co-operation between agencies and other bodies  Set up Local Safeguarding Children Boards  Enable better sharing of information  Draw up Children’s Plan

12 Children’s Trusts  Relevant Partners  District Councils  Police and Police Authorities  Probation Service  Youth offending Teams  Strategic Health Authority and PCT  Connexions  Learning and Skills Council  Take just two of these and look at some of the areas involved

13 Children's Trusts Local Authority  Social Workers  Leaving care advisors  Family support workers  Schools  Education Welfare Service  Youth Service  Education psychologists PCT  Primary Health Care  Child Mental Health Services  Health Visitors  Midwives  Speech, language and occupational therapy

14 Children’s Trusts  What will it do?  Co-ordination of children’s services  Pooled budgets  Information sharing  Co-ordinate assessment of need  Streamlined case assessment and management

15 Children’s Trusts  Different approaches:-  Social Services staff transfer to local PCT  Transfer of PCT staff to Local Authority  Joint working between PCT and Local Authority, often under control of a single management

16 Children’s Trusts - Insurance Implications  Partnerships generally not legal entities  Need for clear lines of responsibility and accountability  Protocols to agree delivery

17 Children’s Trusts - Insurance Implications  Each party responsible for its own liabilities  Discuss with your Insurer  Usual position is that each party will insure its own risks

18 Children’s Trusts - Insurance Implications  Involve your Insurers or Advisors at an early stage in the process  Review insurance position annually  Know what partnerships you have – Register  Medical Malpractice  Consider Risk Management – Insurance just one part

19 Conclusion  Partnerships – backgrounds and different types  Every Child Matters  Extended Schools  Children’s Trusts

20 Questions

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