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Safeguarding September 2008. Context of presentation Definition Demonstrate the wide range of statutes, frameworks and strategies that are the bedrock.

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1 Safeguarding September 2008

2 Context of presentation Definition Demonstrate the wide range of statutes, frameworks and strategies that are the bedrock of the safeguarding children agenda What safeguarding means to young people What is happening in Hampshire and the New Forest How you can use the system

3 Definition Safeguarding is a new term and looks at everything concerned with keeping children safe Previously it covered abuse and neglect Now it covers accidents, crime and bullying. It is about doing what is best for children

4 Laws, strategies, frameworks Adoption and Children Act 2002 Care Standards Act 2000 The Children Acts 1989 and 2004 Children Leaving Care Act 2000 Children’s Workforce Strategy CAF The Common Core of Skills and Knowledge for the Children's Workforce Criminal Justice and Court Services Act 2000 Data protection Act 2000 The Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) 1995 Education Act 2002 Every Child Matters Framework for the Inspection of Children's Services Framework for the Assessment of Children in Need and their Families 2000

5 Laws, strategies, frameworks (cont) Guidance on the Children and Young People's Plan (CYPP) Health Act 1999 The Human Rights Act 1998 and UN Convention on the Rights of the Child Information sharing Interagency Co-operation to Improve the Wellbeing of Children: Children's Trusts Joint area review Lead Professional Good Practice Guidance The Learning and Skills Act 2000 Licensing Act 2003 Local Government Act 2000 Multi agency working toolkit National Service Framework for Children, Young People and Maternity Services 2004 Police Act 1997

6 Laws, strategies, frameworks (cont) Protection of Children Act 1999 The Quality Protects Programme 2000 Race Relations (Amendment) Act 2000 Safeguarding Children in Education (DfES 2004) Sexual Offences Act 2003 Statutory Guidance on the duty on Local Authorities to Promote the Educational Achievement of Looked After Children under section 52 of the Children Act Statutory guidance on making arrangements to safeguard and promote the welfare of children under section 11 of the Children Act 2004 What to do if you're worried a child is being abused (DfES 2003) Working Together to Safeguard Children 1999 and 2006

7 What does it mean Every three years a review is undertaken of arrangements that keep children safe Every child matters (2003) is backed by the Children Act 2004 and states that: –“Services have to work together to do what is best for children and keep them safe” The Education Act 2002 says that schools have to do the same The National Service Framework puts improving children’s health and keeping children safe at the top of the NHS priorities

8 Recent changes Agencies to work more closely with each other Improved CRB checks (vetting and barring) Improved public protection from sexual and violent offenders The latest review found that many services working with children are doing better at keeping them safe More staff work together to identify concerns, share info and keep children safe

9 Child Protection – what we need to do Be good at knowing when something has become a child protection concern The ways that risk and issues are assessed needs to be easily understood by all agencies and be relevant Information needs to be shared appropriately Staff need training We keep looking at ways to improve meeting children’s needs Work together

10 An example of improvements reqd Local authorities asked to work closely with partners to identify potential vulnerable children who are: –Living away from home –In unregulated arrangements –With non relatives General under reporting of such arrangements –Nervousness about actions of authorities –Not aware of what fits in this category Need to raise awareness within partners that come into contact with housing arrangements and young people

11 What we in the New Forest need to do collectively Engage in local arrangements to keep children safe Check that all staff are safe to work with the children they come into contact with Endeavour to find out how children are affected by violence in the home We all need to be clear about who is doing what on a strategic basis and on a case by case basis

12 How we work in the New Forest Three groups: –Safeguarding Children Board (Hampshire level) –Partnership Intervention Panel (New Forest District) –Children’s Assessment Framework (locality team – team around the child)

13 The Safeguarding Structure

14 The Safeguarding Board The local Safeguarding Board will oversee the arrangements for the most serious cases You can force a child protection conference! Considers all child deaths (road traffic accidents, children with life limiting conditions, accidental death, suicides and manslaughter/murder cases Can things be done better and could deaths have been avoided?

15 How to know where to get help from partners If you are not sure speak to us (Brian, Debbie, Steph) Local child protection issues will go through the safeguarding structure (form to fill in) Local systems issues will go through any of the strategic levels (CAF, safeguarding, PIP, CAMHS etc) Cases where an individual is perpetrating ASB/crime/substance misuse will go through PIP Geographical location issues will go through JAG

16 If you have concerns about a young person Think – what can I do? Some things you could do Talk to the young person Complete a CAF with the parent/carer and Identify unmet needs Seek help to meet unmet need Contact police, locality team, Social Work services, local authority Contact Gary,Debbie, Brian, Steph if you need help


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