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Making the Green Deal work for you Link to Energy meeting Wiltshire Council – County Hall 6 th November2013 Neil Towler Severn Wye Energy Agency.

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1 Making the Green Deal work for you Link to Energy meeting Wiltshire Council – County Hall 6 th November2013 Neil Towler Severn Wye Energy Agency

2 Link to Making the Green Deal work for you Chair: Vincent Albano – Green Economy Manager, Wiltshire Council Start of meeting 4.00pm 4.00 – 4.30 Refreshments & Networking 4.30 – 4.45Welcome and introductions– Vincent Albano 4.45 – 5.10The Warm & Well Green Deal offer & Link to Energy – Neil Towler (Severn Wye) 5.10 – 5.40 Warm & Well Green Deal Provider – John Johnson (Your Green Deal Provider) 5.40 – 6.00Question time – Put your questions to Vincent Albano, John Johnson & Neil Towler 6.00 – 6.30Refreshments & networking Close of Meeting 6.30pm

3 Severn Wye Energy Agency – Who are we? Independent,non-profit sustainable energy agency established in 1999 Promoting sustainable energy and affordable warmth through partnership, awareness-raising, innovation and strategic action Now 50+ staff offices Wales and Gloucestershire Track record: £27m energy improvements to 40,000 local homes Successful PAYS pilot (Stroud) Ashden Awards in 2006 and 2011

4 A background to the Warm and Well scheme The scheme began in 2001, 40,000 homes improved! A local partnership approach, working with 7 Las, community groups and health related organisations

5 What’s changing? move away from Local Authority grants to loans need to target older more difficult properties Government Green Deal framework

6 The Green Deal In a nutshell.... Governments flagship energy efficiency scheme whereby energy efficiency measures are installed at no (or reduced!) upfront cost & the cost of measures are recovered through the electricity bill Assessment - Green Deal advisors and advice organisations Installation – Green Deal Installers Repayments Finance – Green Deal Providers

7 The Golden Rule The overall energy bill should not go up, as the monthly bill savings from installing the measure in a typical household should be greater than or equal to the repayment. For example.... Household Energy Bill £800 Green Deal Finance Green Deal Measures Lower Household Energy Bill £400 Repayment £300

8 Energy Company Obligation (ECO) ECO is funding from the fuel suppliers to fund/subsidise some specific key areas. These are….. - ECO Affordable Warmth Grants available to those who are in receipt of certain qualifying benefits - ECO Carbon reduction (hard to treat properties) For properties with narrow cavities, solid brick or solid stone - Carbon Saving Communities Obligation Grant funding for properties in deprived areas

9 The Green Deal A few more key details….. The repayments are made against the agreed lifetime of the measure(s) installed Green Deal loan is attached to the electric meter of the property, and not to the householder The Green Deal is available to homeowners, tenants & businesses You are not tied in to one electric supplier There is an interest rate on the Green Deal loan

10 Why get involved? “the Green Deal is the largest & most ambitious home improvement programme our country has seen since the second world war” According to DECC The Green Deal itself is expected to support up to 60,000 jobs in the insulation sector alone by 2015.

11 Why get involved? Another means by which a customer could fund work – so another service you could offer An opportunity to diversify? Public recognition of a ‘quality’ kitemark?

12 How to ‘get involved’ PAS2030 & Certification PAS2030 Sets out the competencies required to install each measure Certification bodies can provide information & lead companies through the process of becoming Green Deal certified. –Installation Processes (on site assessments) –Office Audit or assessment of quality management systems Refer to our ‘Routes to becoming a Green Deal installer’ leaflet or ask FMB or ourselves for further guidance.

13 How to ‘get involved’ So you’ve become Green Deal certified what next…? Develop links with Green Deal Providers who are commissioning local installers to deliver their Green Deal work Local Authorities considered by the government to be key in delivering the Green Deal & ECO Pick up sub-contracted work from other Green Deal installers. Keep in touch with Trade Associations, manufacturers etc But understand your routes to market & potential value to your business before incurring any certification / training costs.

14 Warm and Well plus A non-profit local partnership delivery model for sustainable energy retrofit of homes, that: delivers the full range of retrofit measures reaches households at all income levels uses local and SME contractors brings in ECO and Green Deal if relevant provides complementary, simple flexible funding options Gloucestershire, South Gloucestershire and Wiltshire

15 Warm and Well Plus Partnership will pilot Warm and Well Plus 2013-15: local outreach and marketing to householders customer contact point and advice 0800 500 3076 Green Deal and ECO assessments (energy surveys) Severn Wye are Green Deal Advice Organisation access and delivery of ECO funding provide access to Green Deal finance engage with and support local suppliers and installers extend local installer network Link to Energy

16 Warm & Well will result in work for you! Developed range of marketing materials Trialling different approaches including: Schools, local authorities, parish councils, community organisations, adverts on back of bus, football ground, mail shots, business awards, working with local trade supplier. We have had over 2500 enquires to our advice line since 1st January 2013. Of those 1250 have been given advice and information on Green Deal. We have carried out over 500 Green Deal Assessments to date.


18 Future of Warm and Well Our vision: Non-profit local partnership delivering good quality home retrofit and advice, supporting the development of the local supply chain in Gloucestershire, Wiltshire, South Gloucestershire... Contact Detail: Call the Warm and Well advice line on 0800 500 3076 Email us at warm& Text WARM to 83010

19 Link to Energy Set up 2008, now over 120 members Covers all main energy retrofit technologies Run on not for profit basis Local network for local companies - develop local economy and jobs most homes repairs and renovation work is by local building trade SMEs have main skills needed, up-skilling marginal

20 Link to energy – membership benefits Company listing on an online database of sustainable energy installers Users can search for installers by: Postcode Measure or technology Green Deal Accredited Customer enquiries sent to your nominated email address

21 Link to Energy So who will be using ‘Link to Energy’? – Green Deal Assessment customers – Severn Wye Energy projects – Local Authority partners endorsed No membership or ‘lead’ fees 3% of the value of the completed work

22 Link to Energy – Membership benefits Quarterly regional meetings Local, regional & national industry updates Specialist information on new products and technologies Networking opportunities News and opportunities updates Advice documents – Routes to becoming a Green Deal installer Training / funding Local events you could be exhibiting at ‘Its nice to be able to attend a local event and network with other companies in a similar position to ourselves, to see how they are getting on and to find out what is happening within the industry both locally and nationally.’

23 Link to Energy – training & development RecentPAS2030 Insulation training at Knauf training centre in Birmingham

24 Link to Energy – training & development Green Deal Skills Alliance - Green Deal Skills Exemplar –One of 6 initiatives chosen to help in supporting the development of the Green Deal industry and ensure that skilled workers are available Development of installer and assessor case studies A series of events in the region alongside Asset Skills & Construction skills covering: –PAS 2030 –Training routes to accreditation for different technologies Researching barriers and solutions to enable smaller companies to tender for LA work

25 Further Information Link to Energy Website: –Register as a member –Find out about events SWEA website: Contact information: –Neil Towler 01452 835086 or

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