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The energy saving co-operative Green Deal+ Briefing 28 January 2013.

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1 The energy saving co-operative Green Deal+ Briefing 28 January 2013

2 The Green Deal is launched today The UK Governments flagship energy saving scheme A significant step forward in green building standards, via accreditation for: Green Deal Assessors Green Deal Providers Green Deal Installers Innovative financing via loans against electricity bills – in theory, the house not the occupant takes out the loan Tied heavily to the £1.3bn p.a. Energy Company Obligation (ECO) 2

3 Is the Green Deal right for you? Yes, for… Energy saving improvements such as boilers, cavity wall insulation, loft insulation and solar panels No up-front payments, and cashback offer … But Long term, high interest loans Other, better value / fairer finance options may be available Many energy saving improvements are not possible under the Golden Rule (savings on bills must be less than repayments, including loan interest) 3

4 Project financing options 4 1. Extending a mortgage or self-funding from savings will always be the best value option for those customers who can afford it 2. Ecology Building Societys C Change retrofit and The co-operative banks Energy Efficient Advance discounted mortgage products 3. The energy saving co-operative is developing our own revolving loan fund 4. The Green Deal Finance Company (GDFC) and Energy Company Obligation (ECO) for Green Deal qualifying projects 5. London Rebuilding Societys Home Improvement Scheme equity share finance for qualifying customers (low income, 50+, own their homes)

5 The Energy Company Obligation (ECO) Replaced the Carbon Emissions Reduction Target (CERT) and the Community Energy Saving Programme (CESP) to distribute £1.3bn per year Three types of ECO: Affordable Warmth (25%, £325m p.a.): Largely similar to the existing CESP; any energy saving measure eligible if it reduces the cost of heating the home. Means-tested individual qualification; private tenure only. Carbon Savings (60%, £780m p.a.): Targeted at solid wall insulation and hard-to-treat cavities. Carbon Saving Communities (15%, £195m p.a): targeted at the bottom 15% of Lower Super Output Areas from the Index of Multiple Deprivation (e.g. Warming Barton). 15% (£30m p.a.) reserved for rural low income households in towns and villages with populations less than £10k, means tested as per Affordable Warmth. 5

6 Low Carbon Hub working together for a low carbon future


8 60 plus low carbon groups in Oxfordshire Low Carbon Oxford North Low Carbon West Oxford Kidlington Versus Climate Change Transition Chipping Norton Eynsham Green TEA Sustainable Witney Abingdon Carbon Cutters Sustainable Didcot Sustainable Wantage Goring & Streatley Sustainability Group Sustainable Wallingford

9 Our vision for Oxfordshire



12 Warming Barton

13 13

14 Why Fair Green Deal Greater tractionEngagement through local community groups, co-ordinated by Low Carbon Hub expert team Greater energy savings Not constrained by Green Deal Golden Rule Combining Powering Up with Powering Down Behaviour change through community engagement – not just structural energy savings Community economic benefit Energy saving improvements delivered through local tradespeople, creating local jobs Renewable generation for community benefit Fair financeA full range of funding options from ethical sources, drawing in ECO and other grants for fuel poverty and hard-to-treat, to deliver the best financial value in each case Self-sustainingThe energy saving co-operative margins fund Low Carbon Hub community engagement Social capitalBringing communities together in a co-operative partnership between residents, community groups, and local tradespeople

15 15 The energy-saving co-operative – Local project management Community engagement Energy performance assessor Energy saving advice and contracting Installation Quality control and impact measurement Community groups – Outreach and engagement 12345 How it works

16 Warming Barton Progress 16 101 energy assessments signed up in 3 days!!!

17 Warming Barton Progress 17 58 energy assessments completed

18 Warming Barton Progress 18 £700,000 ECO Offer to insulate 100 homes

19 Warming Barton Progress 19 £74,000 DECC funding for solar thermal panels

20 Warming Barton Progress 20 £310,000 DECC funding for the next phase

21 Warming Barton Challenges 21

22 The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago; The second best now !!! – Chinese proverb

23 Who we are The energy saving co-operative is a pioneering partnership between: 1. People who want to save energy 2. Co-operatives and community groups 3. Tradespeople such as energy assessors and installers Working together, we will maximise our impact – combining the best of Big with the best of Local 23

24 Governance and profit sharing The energy saving co-operative is an innovative, pioneering hybrid co-operative (IPS 31331R), with three classes of user-membership: 1. Individuals using the services of the co-operative – Homeowners can become members 2. Co-operatives and other corporate or community bodies offering the co-operatives services – Consumer co-ops and community groups can become members 3. Persons and organisations delivering the services of the co-operative – Tradespeople can become members Each user-membership class shares in governance and profits, and has dedicated seats on the Board There is a fourth category of membership for providers of finance (non-user members, with maximum 25% voting strength and limited right to profits) 24

25 Our purpose, vision and values 25 Purpose To provide people with the power to save energy Vision The greatest contribution to UK energy saving will be through co-operative and community solutions Values We are open, honest and fair We serve our customer members We enhance sustainable communities We earn trust in everything we do We are democratic

26 Saving energy Selling energy Increasing property values Creating jobs Building owners Community groups (including local councils!) Powering up Workers Community engagement and delivery Oxfordshires collective and co-operative interest Home improvement Powering down Community engagement and delivery Powering up

27 27

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