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SAICP AGM 13 th June 2013 Annie Topping, CEO HWS.

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1 SAICP AGM 13 th June 2013 Annie Topping, CEO HWS

2 Outline What is Healthwatch Our Operating Model How we can work together

3 What is Healthwatch?

4 The Journey to Healthwatch Equity and excellence: Liberating the NHS (2010) set out the Government’s controversial vision of a patient-centred NHS. The White Paper set out plans to strengthen the voice of patients and the public through Healthwatch. The legal foundations of Healthwatch are set out in the Health and Social Care Act 2012, which reached Royal Assent on 27th March 2012. Network went live on 1 st April 2013.

5 What is Healthwatch England? The national independent champion for users of health and social care in England. Sub committee of and supported by the Care Quality Commission. Provides leadership, support and advice to Local Healthwatch. Aims to influence national policy and decision making. Organisations who plan, run and regulate health and social care services must make a public response to its requests.

6 What is Healthwatch Suffolk? Replaced the Suffolk Local Involvement Network with additional responsibilities. Here to get your voice heard where it matters; where decisions are made. Helps local people get the best out services, improving them for today and shaping them for tomorrow. Has the role to listen and the power to influence change within the health and social care system.

7 We are powerful… Right to a response from providers and commissioners within 20 working days. We can enter and view premises where care is provided to people. Take issues to the Health Scrutiny Committee. It must acknowledge our concerns and keep us informed of any action. Voice of the public on the Suffolk Health and Wellbeing Board.

8 The best health and social care services are shaped by your needs and experiences. We help you and your family and your clients to get the most out of your services. We make health and social care providers and commissioners answerable to you. We give you choice and help you to navigate the health and care system. We give people less able to “speak up” a voice that counts. Why are we here?

9 Social care services for C+YP is new for Healthwatch Suffolk. We have a duty to find out what C+YP think about services. C+YP are not little adults – They have their own issues and concerns. There will be a Young People’s Health Ambassador to act as the champion in HWS. The ambassador will: Help deliver the Healthwatch agenda. Make sure C+YP help Healthwatch decide on priorities. Build a strong system for C+YP participation in Suffolk Children and Young People

10 Enter and View Healthwatch has the right to enter and view any premises where publically funded care is provided. Health and Social Care Act 2012 section 186 Purposes are: Assess service quality from the perspective of the community. Collect the views of users at the point of service delivery Make recommendations to providers and commissioners. Ensure the views of users are integral to local commissioning. LINks collectively visited 2,500 services

11 I have a complaint to make about my treatment in hospital but I don’t know where to go. Information and Signposting I am worried about a relative; where can I find more information about dementia services?

12 Information and Signposting Work with and provide support to local information providers and networks. Ensure people of Suffolk have access to quality information and advice about health and care services. Help people to understand and use the choices available. Operating model is currently being developed. NOT Provide independent complaints advocacy support for health or care services.

13 HWS Enter & View HWB JSNA Gatherin g evidence Info & signpost Strategic partners Inform the public Our Role

14 HWS Operating Model

15 Our Model Local AuthorityProvidersVCOPublicCCGsOthers Local Hubs Steering Group Board of Directors

16 Our Operating Model During January and February 2013, we ran an engagement exercise. Over 200 responses were independently analysed. We produced a response to what people said which says what we are planning to do. You can download our response from now.

17 The model Three components: Local hubs: Partnerships of local people, volunteers, community groups and Healthwatch staff that act as a focal point through which people can make their views heard. The Steering Group: This group will oversee the operation of Healthwatch Suffolk and ensure successful delivery of its work programmes. The Board of Directors: A group of people responsible for Healthwatch Suffolk’s strategic direction, governance and financial management.

18 A local focal point where people can make their views heard. Partnerships of local people, organisations, community groups and staff. “Hub Hosts” - Organisation with designated responsibility for coordinating the work of a hub and ensuring its success. Funding to support their work Healthwatch In your Community…

19 How to have your say… Healthwatch Suffolk is local voices influencing the design and delivery of local services. We are independent which means you can have confidence when sharing your views with us. Have your say… By telephone on 01449 703949 By email to By using our “Speak Out” form on Directly with staff at events/meetings On Twitter and Facebook By Freepost

20 Be involved Some opportunities to be involved include: Being a volunteer Review commissioning guides Enter and View Interest groups Service reviews Hubs Others

21 Membership - Its your choice… Two levels of membership: Members Subscriber members Subscriber membership - enhanced level: Have the right to vote at Annual General Meetings Elect the Board of Directors. Stand as a Director Liable to promise to pay a maximum of £1 if the organisation were ever to become insolvent.

22 Contact us… By post: Freepost RTEC-ZGLG-GYLE 12&13 Norfolk House Williamsport Way Needham Market Suffolk IP6 8RW Telephone: 01449 703949 Email: Website:

23 How can we work together

24 Our Offers Become a member – person / organisation. We are independent and have statutory power. We can take your concerns to places it should go. We have the authority to ‘close the loop’. Together we can ensure stronger user involvement. IT IS A ‘WIN-WIN’ SITUATION!

25 Any Questions?

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