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Winterbourne View Never Again! Working Together. Introductions Carrie AnnRichard.

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1 Winterbourne View Never Again! Working Together

2 Introductions Carrie AnnRichard

3 House Keeping

4 Why we are here National Winterbourne View Improvement Programme funding local areas. They want to help people work together to make things better for people with complex needs.

5 Why we are here This is the 1 st day. There will be 2 more. We hope that we can give you information and that you will share your ideas about co production with us.

6 Ground Rules Mobile phones off or on silent Respect each other Keep to the subject – you can chat in the breaks Listen to each other Don’t talk about other people’s personal stories. Be back on time after breaks

7 Agenda Information Sharing What Advocacy Services are there in London? Learning Disability Network news Healthwatch – Guide and Good Practice Examples

8 Agenda Tea and Coffee Information Sharing Table Discussion

9 Agenda Lunch Getting it Right guide Follow Up – What Next?

10 Agenda Goodbye

11 Information Sharing

12 Jackie Collins Project Lead Winterbourne View (WV) London

13 London Winterbourne View programme The London programme works across London to help to meet the commitments in the WV Concordat Recent events: Advocacy event February 2015 Advocacy map All age planning workshop March 2015 Learning Disability Commissioners network started March 2015

14 What Advocacy Services are there in London

15 Developing skills/guidance Develop skills of front line workers: 3 workshops and meetings held for Care Co- ordinators to support the move for people from hospitals, guidance to be produced A guide is being produced by CHANGE for people leaving hospitals

16 WV Targets - how is London doing? ‘1 April 2014’ cohort – NHS aim to discharge 50% of 235 London patients by 31 March 2015 - 118 Care and Treatment reviews (CTRs) have started to support discharges. CTR includes commissioner, care coordinator, advocate, the person, family (if wanted), expert by experience and external clinical reviewer – 87 completed by end February Every person should have a discharge date or good reason for not having one

17 How is London doing? The numbers of people being discharged from hospitals in London is increasing – 80 discharges at end of January However, people are still being admitted so numbers in hospital are not going down

18 Getting your views The Department of Health has just published a Green Paper – ‘No Voice unheard, no right ignored’ They would like views on how to strengthen the rights of people with learning disabilities Consultation is till the end of May 2015 ations/strengthening-rights-for-people- with-learning-disabilities ations/strengthening-rights-for-people- with-learning-disabilities

19 Learning Disability Strategic Network News


21 Healthwatch

22 The Healthwatch Network and some examples of work with people with learning disabilities in London

23 What is Healthwatch England? Everyone should be able to have their say about how their local health and care services are run. So that this can happen the government started a national body called Healthwatch England Healthwatch England looks at health and social care services nationally.

24 What is local Healthwatch? You will have a local Healthwatch in your local area. Local Healthwatch find out what people in think about their local health and social care services Local Healthwatch can suggest changes to make services better to the people that run and pay for local health and care services. Local Healthwatch work for local people so they may work in different ways depending on what is important locally Local Healthwatch go to the Health and Wellbeing board

25 Enter and View Local Healthwatch can visit local health and social care services, like hospitals or care homes. These visits are called Enter and View visits During Enter and View, local Healthwatch volunteers will ask people who use the service what they think is going well and what could improve Local Healthwatch then write a report about what they have been told, and send it to the people who run the service. The people who run the service have a duty to respond to local Healthwatch to tell them what they will do to make things better.

26 Healthwatch Redbridge We worked with our local People First organisation to produce a full range of accessible Enter and View training material. We tested it by recruiting and training five people to become Enter and View Authorised Representatives. We worked to ensure the package was pitched at the right level for all to be included without leaving anything out. We have used the package for other groups within our community where language may have been a barrier and now use it as a whole training package for every member of our Enter and View team

27 Healthwatch Lambeth We launched a new programme to assess healthy living pharmacies. This innovative joint project with Lambeth Mencap and the Lambeth Learning Disability Assembly involves training adults with learning disabilities to become Enter and View visitors. Visitors go to the pharmacies with their support workers with a list of healthy living questions they would like to ask, such as “can I have my blood pressure taken here?”. They then assess whether their questions were answered in a friendly and helpful manner.

28 Guidance from Healthwatch England Healthwatch England have worked with people with learning disabilities, Mencap and local Healthwatch to produce some guidance for new Healthwatch staff and volunteers who may not have experience of working with people with learning disabilities. This guidance gives examples of work local Healthwatch are currently to ensure people with learning disabilities have their voices heard, and how local Healthwatch are working to improve services for people with learning disabilities.

29 Any questions? If you would like to find out more about Healthwatch England, or would like contact details for your local Healthwatch, you can get in contact with me: Telephone: 020 7972 8062 Email: Website:

30 Tea and Coffee Break

31 Group Work 1.Was the information useful? 1.How can we share this information in your local areas?

32 Lunch

33 Getting it Right Guide

34 Follow Up – What next? 1.What else is happening in your local area? 2.What is missing?

35 Goodbye

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