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The role of Healthwatch England. 2 Championing people’s voices The White Paper Liberating the NHS says: “We will strengthen the collective voice of patients.

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1 The role of Healthwatch England

2 2 Championing people’s voices The White Paper Liberating the NHS says: “We will strengthen the collective voice of patients and the public through arrangements led by local authorities, and at national level, through a powerful new consumer champion, Healthwatch England, located in the Care Quality Commission.”

3 3 Background Healthwatch - the consumer champion for people who use services Health and Social Care Act 2012: CQC to establish Healthwatch England as statutory committee Department of Health leading work to establish local Healthwatch organisations Local Healthwatch launching in April 2013 Local authorities commission local Healthwatch organisations CQC, DH and LGA working together to implement the Healthwatch system

4 4 Roles of CQC and Healthwatch Healthwatch England Gathers information, reports on and raises issues nationally on all health and social care – providers and commissioning Local Healthwatch Works with local people to gather views and experiences to inform local and national services CQC Inspects, monitors and reports on essential standards Uses information, including people’s views, to inform and prioritise its regulatory activity Works with services that deliver registered activities

5 5 Healthwatch England will… Be a function of CQC Have a distinct identity A statutory committee Speak with an unedited voice

6 6 Healthwatch England Chair Healthwatch England chair expected – June Secretary of State appointment Will be a CQC board member Two/three days per week role

7 7 Healthwatch England Committee Public recruitment will begin in June/July A statutory committee of CQC with a strategic role DH consulted on regulations on committee membership CQC will appoint on basis of transparent criteria: Up to 12 members Ensuring spread of interests Public recruitment for Healthwatch England posts begins – July

8 8 Policy Intelligence Communications Healthwatch England Draft outline structure – 1 October 2012 Chair (& CQC Commissioner) (2/3 days per week) 1 April 2012 Leeds/London Policy Manager x 1 Leeds Policy Officer x 2 Leeds Policy Assistant x 1 Leeds Intelligence Manager x 1 Leeds Senior Analyst x 2 Leeds Analyst x 2 Leeds Communications Manager x 1 Leeds Media Officer x 1 Leeds Public Affairs Officer x 1 Leeds HWE Liaison Manager x 1 Home-based HWE Liaison Support x 1 Home-based HWE Liaison Leads x 8 Home-based Personal Assistant (Chair & Director) x 1 Leeds Director x 1 Leeds/London Committee Secretary x 1 Leeds HWE Committee x 12 members (2/3 days per month) Business and Programme Manager x 1 Leeds HR Ops & People Dev IT Corporate Facilities & Accommodation Infrastructure National Customer Service Centre CQC Support Functions Comms Intelligence Publishing Officer x 1 Leeds Local Support Y:\CQC_Records\PROGRAMMES AND PROJECTS\Future of Care Programme\Healthwatch\Structure and Staffing\20120606 HWE structure with amended role titles Legal and Governance

9 9 Healthwatch England functions Operating model must support delivery of Healthwatch England functions: leadership and support to local Healthwatch escalate local Healthwatch concerns to CQC advise Secretary of State, NHS Commissioning Board, Monitor and local authorities make an annual report to Parliament

10 10 Healthwatch England and local Healthwatch Local HealthwatchHealthwatch England The local voice - for individuals, community groups, vol orgs Local views on commissioning on Health and Wellbeing Boards Local data informs national view on commissioning and providers Gather local info on views and experiences from all sources Local info reflected in dealings with SofS, NHSCB, Monitor etc Enter and view, hold providers to account, report and recommend Support through tools and methodologies, CQC intelligence Signpost and info, access and choice Empowerment, support and leadership, regional presence Regional presence in support NHS complaints advocacyFor LAs to determine

11 11 Tools and guidance Quality framework for local Healthwatch organisations, developed in partnership – May onwards Healthwatch England brand toolkit shared with local authorities – July Healthwatch England basic website – July

12 12 Healthwatch information repository Healthwatch information system and repository – first phase – October Working with stakeholders the specification has been developed and agreed This system enables local Healthwatch organisations to share local intelligence with Healthwatch England and each other CQC will also have access There is no intention for public access to this system

13 13 Healthwatch England: core activities Support to local Healthwatch – regional networks advice, tools and guidance, training Healthwatch information system and repository sharing intelligence and best practice conduit between local voice and Healthwatch England supporting relationships with local CQC operations staff

14 14 Enquiries – who will handle these? As soon as the Chair is announced it is envisaged that calls about Healthwatch will be received and handled by the interim team The HWE website will have an enquiry function - this is due to go live in July In the longer term NCSC will have a dedicated team to deal with calls – this will function in a similar way to the current enquiry team Information will be screened for safeguarding issues, triaged and directed on Some will come to CQC where appropriate and relevant

15 15 Healthwatch interim team Amanda Hutchinson – Head of future of care and Healthwatch England lead Ian Forsyth – Project Manager Graham Booth – Intelligence Manger Susan Robinson – Regional Manager Cate Quinn – Policy Manager Sara Cain – Senior Communications Officer Maulin Fisher – Business Coordinator

16 16 Questions Questions?

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