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Nick Hoult Senior Development Officer Sheffield City Council.

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1 Nick Hoult Senior Development Officer Sheffield City Council

2 What is it? ‘..a vital part of the Governments plans to give people a stronger voice and drive improvement in health and social care services’ in the Health and Social Care Act Local authorities to set up a local Healthwatch Healthwatch England Funding

3 What’s happened in Sheffield? Pathfinders + case study Local Government Association Engagement with Sheffield people together: –Developed the Vision –Planned involvement in deciding which organisations –Raised awareness and supported interested organisations Outreach conversations Tendered for an NHS Complaints Advocacy service at the same time (a second lot) Reference groups and formal panels Current focus LINk legacy and launch

4 NHS Complaints Advocacy service Also part of the Act Specialist independent advocacy for people who want to complain about a National Health Service. Tendered alongside Healthwatch (second lot). Also starts 1 April 2013.

5 What’s happened nationally? Local Government Association support Engagement on regulations National branding Healthwatch England Different models used to establish

6 Health for all ages Social care - adults children & young people Healthwatch scope

7 Healthwatch functions Voice and influence of citizens Quality monitoring of services funded through health and social care Provide advice information and signposting about services Seat on Health and wellbeing board

8 Powers Enter and view Reporting Referral to Healthwatch England and CQC Information requests - FOI Statutory seat on local Health and Wellbeing board

9 Providers roles Responding to Healthwatch in line with regulations Encouraging people to be in touch with Healthwatch Supporting Healthwatch to communicate out its messages to citizens Developing opportunities with Healthwatch to engage with people about specific issues

10 Sheffield Vision Sheffield Healthwatch will be a strong local consumer voice that makes a difference to Health and Social Care provision on behalf of the children, young people and adults of Sheffield. Sheffield Healthwatch will be a network of networks that builds on the work of LINk. It will expand and utilise the existing expertise of third sector organisations and groups of children, young people and adults of Sheffield. It will provide a mechanism for diverse voices across Sheffield to be heard and ensure that where there are children, young people and adults who are seldom heard, Healthwatch will provide innovative ways to gather and include their views.

11 Vision cont.. It will be a respected and credible organisation that is unafraid to challenge service providers and commissioners. It will bring together robust, evidence based local intelligence that influences key decision making for Health and social care. It will ensure that every individual who approaches Healthwatch for information and advice, receives timely and good quality information for Healthwatch or one of its signposting organisations. It will ensure complaints advocacy for NHS complaints is available for all Sheffield children, young people and adults who request that support. Sheffield Healthwatch will be known within the city with an excellent communications strategy.


13 The Circle 33 Rockingham Lane Sheffield S1 4FW 0114 253 6607, email

14 Mission (draft) To bring about citizen-led quality improvement in health, care and wellbeing in our City

15 Delivery Partnership Shared vision of Healthwatch Sheffield as a ‘network of networks’ with the involvement of citizens and users of services at its core. Partners with track record of collaborative working and significant expertise, experience and reach into communities Voluntary Action Sheffield Sheffield Wellbeing Consortium (SWBC) Community Legal Advice Services for South Yorkshire (CLASSY)

16 Core values and principles Local children, young people and adults will be at the centre of what we do and we will be accountable Independent and objective Inclusive and be open to everyone and reflect the diversity of Sheffield in all the work we do Involve volunteers in all areas of Healthwatch Sheffield’s work Work together with partners from all sectors and build on the work of existing networks and organisations

17 Core values and principles Open and clear in our communications Effective, and we will show how citizens’ voices make a difference. Develop and implement innovative approaches to gathering views and opinions Provide good value for money and be transparent about how we use resources

18 Key Elements of Model and Service Delivery An innovative new Third Sector partnership Engagement Intelligence and evidence gathering Influential Advice and information Joint working with NHS Complaints Advocacy

19 Outcomes (draft) Influence leads to system-level improvements in services and quality. Clear accessible communications Strong, well known and well-respected profile Strengthened collective voice of local people Built on the knowledge, experience and reach of existing networks and organisations. Credible, skilled voice on the Health and Wellbeing Board Good quality, accessible advice and information services

20 Outcomes (draft) Joined up with the NHS Complaints Advocacy Service. Collate, use and improve existing information. Evidence-based local intelligence used to influence decision-making and delivery Develop mechanisms to challenge service providers on quality of service Constructive relationships built with provider organisations Effective collaboration with Healthwatch England and the Care Quality Commission

21 Core Staffing Team Chief Officer Administrator Communications Officer Information and Knowledge Management Officer Engagement Co-ordinator Policy Officer

22 Membership and Volunteers Inclusive and open membership structure Volunteers will be a vital part of Healthwatch Sheffield leadership, governance, work and delivery Enable “Healthwatchers” to engage as actively as their interests an circumstances dictate

23 Volunteer Roles Independent Chair of Healthwatch Sheffield Healthwatch Council Representation on external bodies Healthwatch Ambassadors Information and Advice provision Engagement and Consultation activities ‘Enter and View’ Action Groups Publicity and promotion ‘Reference groups’ and specific activities eg with CYP and other groups Quality Accounts commentary Support provision for other Healthwatch volunteers with specific needs and/or disabilities Mentoring/buddying Back office services and administrative support

24 Group exercise 1 How providers support and get involved in what Healthwatch is doing? Record your ideas on graffiti tables

25 Group exercise 2 What ‘unites’ ‘engages’ and ‘concerns’ you as providers about Healthwatch as a watchdog? Record your thoughts on post-its and attach to display boards –Green engages –Yellow unites –Pink concerns

26 Resources Healthwatch England and Local Healthwatch functions are summarised in this document 0local%20Healthwatch.pdf Healthwatch England position regarding the Regulations concerns-about-local-healthwatch-regulations Websites: Healthwatch England: Sheffield City Council page: Healthwatch Sheffield (coming soon): Department of Health Local Government Association

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