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Levolors New Size-In-Store Blind Cutting Machine.

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1 Levolors New Size-In-Store Blind Cutting Machine

2 Preparing for Shipment These first photos show front and rear of the machine before the vertical corner posts of the new pallet are laid down and the machine is shrink-wrapped.

3 Machine Connections to Pallet Here you see that the machine rides in tracks with a chock block welded to the rear, and a removable screw is inserted at the front. The machines frame is bolted to a swivel bracket in front, and the side wings are bolted to the pallet on both sides.

4 GEN II Dressed for Travel As stated earlier, the machine itself is shrink-wrapped, the pallet corner posts are raised and locked into position, and the pallet is then shrink-wrapped to give the machine a double barrier of protection. This is what CPS Technicians will see upon arrival to the machines new home.

5 Preparing for Uncrating Once the shrink-wrap is carefully removed, and the screws are removed securing the Super Slider, the slider is set aside. The screws securing the wings to the machine, the bolts securing them to the pallet are removed, and the wings are set aside. The Machine Bolt & Nut are removed, the Pallet Screw is loosened, the brace is turned to horizontal, and the screw is retightened. The Front Wheel Stop Screw is removed, and the machine is now ready to be lifted from its pallet.

6 The Helpful Changes The Back Panel has been split in two, and hand holes installed to greatly ease removal for accessing the rear of the machine. The right photo also shows a Back Plate covering the hole that gives more room to adjust the Left Saw Belt. It also shows that the wiring is now sheathed to give better protection to the wiring, and it presents a neater appearance.

7 Helpful Changes – page 2 The travel of the Shuttle is now restricted by Stop Blocks left and right. On both sides of the machine are Stop Pins that the Lowes Associates will pull out to prevent the machine from being pushed back into the bay while closing the drawer, and while cutting Vertical Vanes & Headrails that protrude out of the right end of the machine via the Vertical Door.

8 Helpful Changes – page 3 The Trash Doors are now guarded with a Power-To-Lock Safety Interlock Switch. With power off, the doors can be opened. And to the right, the upper supports for the Super Slider are now Gas Shocks with a hard plastic ball for the upper track.

9 Helpful Changes – page 4 To replace the non-unbreakable Plastic Clips securing the Front Center Panel, you will now find a length of angle attached to the bottom framework, and a lip attached to the inside of the Panel. No more clips to break, immediately followed by toes to smash!!!

10 Helpful Changes – page 5 The Machine Top has been strongly reinforced to prevent sagging, creating difficulty in opening and closing the Drawer. Also, the top has been redesigned to prevent abrasion to the Shuttle components – Wire Way, Hoses, Cables, etc.

11 Helpful Changes – page 6 Proximity Sensors on Vertical Door. Redesigned Vacuum Hose Tube. Redesigned Interior Drawer Area.

12 Shipping The Phase Machines With the Machine Front Brace secured in the Horizontal position (as opposed the to Vertical shown), the Phase Machine will be placed on the Pallet, shrink- wrapped (CPS Supplied), and banded to the Tie Down Anchor with a 3/16 or ¼ S Hook to prevent the banding from breakage, or secured with Tie Down Straps with Hooks.

13 Compact Power Services Levolor REI automation Wish to thank all the CPS Techs, Internal Support Team, and DSMs who have provided not only the maintenance to the first 32 proto-types, but also thank you for your assistance and feedback to help create this New Revised Edition. And… Thank you in advance for our continued future success. Thank you in advance for our continued future success.

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