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Installation Quick Guide AD400 Cylindrical 6/01/13 Doc # 109579.

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1 Installation Quick Guide AD400 Cylindrical 6/01/13 Doc # 109579

2  Step 1: Install Door Position Switch  Step 2: Install Latch

3  Step 3: Install Clutch Assembly Remove cover plate and insert from outside Replace cover plate Before proceeding, verify the knob stop pin faces the edge of the door, IF NOT, re-handing is required

4  Step 4: Align spindle assembly based upon key cylinder type Key in Lever Cylinder Interchangeable Core Cylinder Turn clockwise until cam stops Align horizontally as shown

5  Step 5: Insert Key Cylinder and Lever For locks with key in lever cylinders, place cylinder in lever For locks with interchangeable cores, install the lever first, then insert cylinder Insert key and turn 90 degrees to the right Push in the knob stop pin and press lever on Verify you can turn and remove key

6  Step 6: Attach the four corner posts IMPORTANT! Verify both triangles are aligned  Step 7: Make sure triangles are aligned, insert spindle beveled side up

7  Step 8: Pull cable thru door as you place the lock body on the door  Step 9: Attached anti-rotation plate with two long beveled screws  Step 10: Insert the two small screws

8  Step 12: Place spring on spindle and insert spindle beveled side up  Step 11: Attach inside lever to interior housing

9  Step 12: Feed wires thru lock body as you place lock body in place  Step 13: Secure lock body in place with four screws (into the four posts on the exterior housing)  Step 14: Verify both the inside lever and the mechanical key retract the latch

10  Step 15: Connect ribbon cable. Make sure the RED wire is on the left  Step 16: Trim and connect door position switch wires  Step 17: Carefully slide out the clear tab from under coin cell battery

11 You’re Ready to Install the Reader  Step 18: Verify the gasket is properly seated  Step 19: Press reader in place  Step 20: Secure reader with two long screws Do not over tighten

12  Step 21: Apply the reflector  Step 22: Connect wireless communication module  Step 23: Install back cover  Step 24: Install batteries and cover plate

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