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Transforming Course Design A CSU Funded Initiative.

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1 Transforming Course Design A CSU Funded Initiative

2 Project Objectives: Primary Goals:  Enhance learning experiences and student success, through learner- centered and technology-enabled instruction;  Contain/reduce the costs of instruction, including a focus on optimizing the time invested in learning and teaching by students and faculty.

3 KEY QUALITY IMPROVEMENT STRATEGIES (Twigg, 2007) Online Tutorials Continuous Assessment and Feedback Increased Interaction Among Students On-Demand Support Mastery Learning

4 KEY COST REDUCTION TECHNIQUES (Twigg, 2007) Online Tutorials Automated Assessment Course Management Systems Shared Resources Staffing Substitutions

5 Student Success via Informed Pedagogy Working Smarter – Not Harder; Limiting faculty having to “learn” something new; Moving from Sage on the Stage to Guide on the Side; Overcoming the “stuffed” curriculum (Cousin, 2006). Identifying “threshold” concepts for mastery learning (Meyer & Land, 2006).

6 The CSU Transforming Course Design initiative: the plan : Move institutions ‘forward one step’ -o engagement indicated: (~5 institutions) Exploration … Course Demonstration … Program Development … Extending Capability … Regional & national visibility and leadership… Foster Discipline Collaborations …

7 e-Module Prototype: Threshold Concept Tutorial Topic: Learning Objective: Textbook page reference: 1 minute “instructor” introduction 5 to 8 minute “talking head” STUDENT (video window) Minute 1: Attention Getter – motivate student to engage Minute 2: Establish Need – Why is this content important? Minute 3– 7: Cover Content – Deliver threshold content Minute 8 – Call to Action: Identify next action for student to take 1 minute “instructor” wrap-up and call to complete the quiz 5 to 10 item quiz on threshold content w/automatic grading Resources and Links Glossary Examples Additional Learning Objects Questions Discuss this Topic

8 e-Module Prototype: Global Awareness Global Awareness: Making a World of Difference Around the Globe this Month Video Window, clips of world news and events Global Learning Expeditions: e-xplore one of the global regions from “Around the Globe this Month” Global Blogging: Read a student blogs; create your own global blog Meet Your Global Neighbor: Discuss news and events with students at a university outside the USA. Signature Assignment Options: A World of Opportunities: Study Abroad

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