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Information Literacy Roundtable April 2007 What does Seneca look like?

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1 Information Literacy Roundtable April 2007 What does IL @ Seneca look like?

2 Overview The Mission Goals Justification Where are we now? Review Best Practices Brainstorming for the future Wrap-Up

3 Seneca College Mission Statement and Vision To contribute to Canadian society by being a transformation leader in providing students with career-related education and training. Our vision is to lead: in Student Success In Access to Higher Education In Learning In Applied Research In Innovation In our Commitment to People In our Commitment to Diversity and Equity in Employment

4 Seneca Libraries Draft Mission Statement Seneca Libraries' Information Literacy goals are dedicated to providing Senecans with information literacy competencies to serve as a foundation for career success and life-long learning, in accordance with Seneca College's mission.information literacy competencies Our information literacy program will include teaching information- seeking skills appropriate for individual levels of scholarship, enabling students to develop abilities that recognize when information is needed and have the ability to locate, evaluate, and use effectively the needed information. (ACRL IL standards) for their academic, professional, and personal lives. We are committed to anticipating and embracing changes in the information, instructional and technological environment. We will embrace collaboration with our academic colleagues to foster increased information literacy awareness, accomplishment and empowerment.

5 Students Faculty Staff Seneca IL Community Seneca College Constituents

6 Seneca Libraries Overall IL Goals: Enrich & support pedagogy by transforming the current, traditional, teach-on-demand bibliographic instruction model to an information literacy program model Improve the accessibility and modes of learning for resources and support Support all Senecans in life-long learning Promote the inter- Faculty/School/Program and institutional sharing of course materials and instructional support Contribute to and support the accreditation, program review and degree program implementation processes Enhance public knowledge through research Establish measurable assessment and evaluation processes Remain consistent with the mission and goals of Seneca College

7 Seneca Libraries Justification More services & greater integration Improved awareness of our resources Improved access to our resources Customizability Greater efficiency Demand for sound pedagogy Librarians excel at collaboration Environmental need to enhance skill sets Provision of successful lifelong learning skills

8 Objective: 2005- To incorporate IL Competencies into Senecas Vision. We were successful … - 2 Library IL initiatives became part of Senecas Business Plan. Our Plagiarism Tutorial Our IL Repository

9 Objective: 2006 - Ensure our IL initiatives were incorporated at the curriculum level. We were successful to a point… Ongoing librarian liaison activities - 2 new Library IL initiatives are part of Senecas curriculum mapping process. LSP 700 New Faculty probationary courses

10 Objective: 2007 - Ensure our IL initiatives are incorporated at the curriculum level. Continuing & New Library initiatives Plagiarism Tutorial pilot Digital Services E-Reserves Pilot Degree Program Thesis Archival project

11 Continuing How: Some Examples Degree Programs LSP 700 Research Courses Program Review Library Integrated Resources Library Liaison Student Success Courses Tutorials Professional Development Courses for new faculty & Workshops for Seneca community Info for Faculty web resources Academic Honesty initiatives Online & Print: Guide to Research & Citations: MLA & APA Class Presentations Best Practices Sharing of Resources IL Repository Research Library Staff pd & training Marketing and Promotion

12 Future Initiatives? ? Assessment: SAILS; Presentation evaluation methods ? Access: more personalization access options through technology ? More integration with courseware; faculty liaison; resource awareness ? Focus on Technology with Wikis; Blogs; Content Management ? ?

13 Something to Think about: Information literacy should not be considered a given, even among net-gen.… Techniques for finding and assessing relevant information from the array of resources available … are crucial, especially in light of the rising trend toward collaborative work. The Horizon Report, 2006 Edition.

14 Review Best Practices: York University Libraries Information Literacy Plan/ Manifesto Presented by: Lisa Sloniowski Sophie Bury

15 Afternoon Agenda: Confirm our mission Confirm our goals Confirm prototype Map objectives Create exhaustive list of existing IL & related projects Brainstorm new ideas for the future (working groups) Review & Wrap- Up Creation of IL Strategic Task Force

16 Afternoon Agenda: Brainstorming New Ideas For The Future Working Groups: Assessment and Evaluation: Tanis, Carmen, Rosalie, Jane, Rosina Curriculum Integration: Rhonda, Patricia, Cynthia, Saira, Jennifer Flexible Learning: Kelly, Carolyn, Britta, Dan, James, Sophia For Future Consideration: Promotion: Marketing Committee Professional Development: IL PD Subcommittee

17 Afternoon Agenda: Review and Wrap Up Formation of IL Strategic Task Force

18 Afternoon Agenda: Any Questions? Thank you

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