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Designing and Developing Online Courses. Course Life Cycle Design Develop Implement Evaluate Revise.

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1 Designing and Developing Online Courses

2 Course Life Cycle Design Develop Implement Evaluate Revise

3 Instructional Design Process Know Your Learners Formulate Objectives Specify Content and Strategies Choose Resources/Tools Develop Assessment

4 Decide What Type of Course to Design WebEnhanced Key course documents online F2F class extension via L2L or L2E (learner to expert) discussion WebCentric or Hybrid F2F meetings less frequent and more interaction online Online (Web) Course All communication and learning takes place online

5 Create the Team Instructor Subject-matter expert Instructional designer Web designer / CMS person Technical support

6 Learner and Context Prerequisite knowledge Technological expertise Technology access Physical Learning Environment Office Library Home School Lifestyle

7 Purpose of Objectives Plans where youre going Provides bridge to: Resources Activities Assessment

8 Creating Learner-Centered Objectives What do you want the learners to KNOW? How will learners SHOW you they know it?

9 Choosing Assessment Appropriate for Objective Meaningful, Authentic Assessment Types of Assessment Individual vs. Group

10 Types of Assessment Reflective summaries Projects Papers Creating activities Presentations Debate questions Traditional Exams

11 Matching Assessment to Levels of Learning Knowledge Comprehension Application List Identify Recognize Name Describe Explain Discuss Apply Demonstrate Illustrate

12 Matching Assessment to Levels of Learning (continued) Analysis Synthesis Evaluation Analyze Compare/Contrast Differentiate Create Design Plan Judge Predict Support

13 Developing Learning Activities

14 Gagnes Events of Instruction Gaining learners attention Informing the learner of the objective Stimulating recall of prior learning Presenting the stimulus Providing learner guidance

15 Gagnes Events of Instruction Eliciting performance Providing feedback Assessing performance Enhancing retention and transfer Remember: Learners can do some of this themselves

16 Planning Interaction Student-Resources Student-Instructor Student-Student

17 Online vs. Offline Activities Online Group discussion Team brainstorming Individual presentations Guest speaker Collaborative projects / activities Offline F2F orientations Study groups Text readings Video/Audio learning events

18 Remember: Provide choices in assignments Flexibility in learning pathways

19 Content Resources Textbook Study Guide Web sites Discussions with experts CD-ROMs

20 What Tools Can be Used? Content Study Guide LMS / CMS Videotape CD-ROM Web page PPT with audio Interaction F2F Email Conferencing Chat Phone Database Mapping Software

21 Pacing Week 1 Introduction Registration Readings Student Profiles Course Overview Week 2 Content introduction Readings Discussions Team formation Participation Grade Weekly Summaries begin

22 Pacing (continued) Weeks 3-5 Team interactions First graded assignment due Weeks 6 and up Individual presentations Team presentations

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