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The Magic Words Veron Naidoo 2012-2013.

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1 The Magic Words Veron Naidoo

2 Good Morning/Hello/Good Afternoon Please Thank You
The Magic Words Good Morning/Hello/Good Afternoon Please Thank You Veron Naidoo

3 Planning for College What you need to know about College Application Planning and the Admissions Process Veron Naidoo

4 Planning for College There is a College for everyone – Your FIRST step is to decide what career path you are going to follow Veron Naidoo

5 Simplify the College Planning Process
Explore your College Options – determine which College is most suitable to you and your family Veron Naidoo

6 Words of Wisdom Relax… You will get in.
70% of colleges accept an average of 70% of their applicants. Remember that you need only to go to ONE college Veron Naidoo

7 Words of Wisdom If you don’t have a major, it’s OK.
More than half of new college students say a very important reason for going to college is “to find my purpose in life.” Veron Naidoo

8 Research Your College……….
type faculties Student population Application tuition fees academics location How big/small residence Student life Veron Naidoo

9 Differences between Colleges and Universities
Colleges and Universities are used interchangeably in the US. Colleges are much smaller than Universities. Some Colleges only offer undergraduate degrees – Associate Degrees at two year colleges and Bachelors Degrees at Four Year Colleges. Universities are composed of a number of Different Colleges Veron Naidoo

10 Colleges and Universities - What’s the Difference
Universities include a College of Liberal Arts, College of Humanities, College of Fine Arts etc. You can choose any number of majors within these Colleges. Universities also have Graduate and Professional Colleges – where you could get a masters degree or a Ph.D. Veron Naidoo

11 Which School is For You Veron Naidoo 2012-2013
Public Colleges and Universities – large; many different degrees and majors; offers from Bachelors to Masters Degrees; funded by the State and usually less expensive Private Colleges and Universities – offer a wide range of majors; more expensive than public schools and have more options for Financial Aid Veron Naidoo

12 Types of Colleges Veron Naidoo

13 Types of Colleges Veron Naidoo

14 Veron Naidoo 2012-2013 Which School is For You
Liberal Arts Colleges – usually much smaller than Universities; smaller class sizes; offers different degrees and a wide range of majors; to join this you must work well in groups and be prepared to receive individual attention from teachers. Specialized Colleges – focus on particular subjects – business, music, art – here you can get quickly to your major – is good for students who know the career they want to follow Veron Naidoo

15 Veron Naidoo 2012-2013 Which School is For You
Vocational and Technical schools – these prepare you for specific careers – such as computer technology; carpentry; motor mechanics – offers special training and certification. Community Colleges – often closer to home and less expensive; offers two year programs and offers training for specific occupations; these also help you improve your grades – and then you can transfer to a four year college Veron Naidoo

16 Room and Board Tuition and Fees Books and Supplies Transportation
College Costs – Adding it all up Tuition and Fees Room and Board Books and Supplies Transportation Personal Expenses Research Financial Aid for Each College Veron Naidoo

17 Your College list should include 5 to 8 colleges
How Many Colleges to Apply To??? Your College list should include 5 to 8 colleges Ideally you should apply to between 3 and 5 Colleges Applying to more than 8 means that you are very confused, have not done your homework, and that you are in a state of panic. Applying to more than 8 is costly and most often unnecessary. Veron Naidoo

18 College Requirements Veron Naidoo 2012-2013
Subjects required to be taken by you in grade and 12 Are Advanced Program (AP) Subjects a requirement? Does the College require SAT, SAT 2? What is the accepted SAT score ? What are the SAT 2 subject tests needed? And what is the score needed? Veron Naidoo

19 Veron Naidoo 2012-2013 College Application Requirements
Grade 11 Subjects – what is required for your field of study Grade 12 Subjects - what is required for your field of study Veron Naidoo

20 College Admission Tests
Know what tests are required to gain College Entrance. SAT® SAT Subject Tests CLEP TOEFL IELTS English Entrance Exam by the College Advanced Program (AP) Subjects Veron Naidoo

21 IELTS scores are required by Australian and UK Universities
Test Scores SAT scores are required by most US Universities and Colleges; American Universities in the Middle East; some Canadian Universities. TOEFL scores are required by Canadian and UK Universities; and some universities in the Middle East IELTS scores are required by Australian and UK Universities Veron Naidoo

22 Critical Reading - 800 points Writing - 800 points
The SATs The SAT® includes the following sections: Critical Reading points Writing points Math points The test lasts for 3 hours and 45 mins This is mostly written in grade 11 – throughout the year – should not be written more than 3 times – as scores do not change so drastically. Veron Naidoo

23 Math 1 and 2 cannot be written on the same day.
The SATs SAT 2 relates to the subject tests – a one hour test – 3 tests can be written on one day. These include: Physics, Math 1 and 2, Chemistry, World History, Biology E and M. Math 1 and 2 cannot be written on the same day. Biology E –Ecological and Biology M – Molecular cannot be written on the same day Veron Naidoo

24 Veron Naidoo 2012-2013 Types of Applications
Early Admission/Early Decision normally submitted by late November – Early December – these indicate a binding commitment to a school – if accepted – a student must withdraw all other applications Immediately Rolling Admission - Decisions are made about applicants on a first –come, first-served basis Veron Naidoo

25 Veron Naidoo 2012-2013 What Colleges Look for
The quality and rigor of the courses you are doing Academic performance and grades – overall GPA SAT Scores, AP Scores Extracurricular activities Essays Letters of Recommendation- Teacher and Counselor Personal characteristics and accomplishments Veron Naidoo

26 Next Steps for Juniors In School Standardized Testing
Stay focused on academics Do not lighten your academic load for senior year Meet with your school counselor Stay involved in school activities Standardized Testing Prepare for and register for ACT / SAT tests Register for AP tests as appropriate College Exploration Explore colleges on the Web Visit colleges if you can Meet with college representatives Attend college fairs Veron Naidoo

27 Our High School’s Timeline
College searchers through grades 10 and 11 Writing SAT, TOEFL and other tests – through grade 11, SAT 2 through grade 12 by December College Essays drafted – junior year College Searchers completed by summer end of junior year College Applications start – November, December – Senior year Veron Naidoo

28 DO NOT walk into my office unannounced.
Points to Remember If your parents need to see me for more details please make an appointment with me to see if I am available. Do Not assume that I will be available at any time to meet with your parents. If you need to see me, check with Ms Misha first to see if I can see you. DO NOT walk into my office unannounced. Veron Naidoo

29 Communication With You
I will be communicating with you via MOODLE - it is therefore important that you access your Moodle Accounts regularly – If you do not then information that you do not receive will be your responsibility Veron Naidoo

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