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Right time, right place, right choice!

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1 Right time, right place, right choice!
eCash-Invest Right time, right place, right choice!

2 Are you looking for any of the following?
Opportunities to earn new streams of income without risk to your current career? Opportunities to qualify for luxury vacations in exotic parts of the world? Opportunities to qualify for a new luxury car? Sit back and let us show you how this can be achieved!

3 Introducing Ecash-Invest
A new international company associated with Clubfreedom, an international success story Offering opportunities to create new monthly streams of income A low cost, low risk, opportunity for as little as $50 USD a month Offering optional opportunity to invest with eCash-Invest and earn attractive monthly ROI All investments are fully managed by an established, recognized investment company

4 Who is Clubfreedom? World’s most successful travel rewards company
Over 120,000 memberships in over 135 countries since it’s launch in Sept. 2006 Paid out millions of dollars of cash and travel rewards to everyday people Launching eCash-Invest in July 2007 to help members create new income streams Committed to helping people create their dream lifestyle through financial freedom

5 Overview of how does eCash-Invest works
Pay monthly fee of $50USD to access eCash-Invest Wealth Building Package (WBP) eCash-Invest provides an optional opportunity to invest in the lucrative Forex market* Introduce others to eCash-Invest and develop an organization of members Qualify to earn commissions on WBPs purchased & money invested by your team * Members investment funds are pooled together and invested in Forex market by eCash-Invest’s preferred trader

6 What do you receive for your USD$50 WBP Package?
Educational website about the Forex market with an option to invest in Forex market Education from wealth creation experts via , webcasts, and website information Management of your investment by industry professionals Promotional tools such as website, Powerpoints, downloadable resources, etc Members Only Area allowing you to track your investment returns and manage your team Training and support to help you develop an income through eCash-Invest

7 Build a team of eCash-Invest Members & Earn Income
Promote and introduce people to eCash-Invest who purchase WBP and who may invest Qualify to earn commissions on up to 10 levels of members purchases each month Qualify to earn commissions on ROI generated by investments made by your team For each person you introduce purchasing a WBP you earn one more level of income Personally introduce 10 people to get paid maximum of 10 levels

8 60% of $50USD Monthly fee is paid through 10 levels
$30 USD is paid through 10 generations at 10% per generation/level Equals $3 per person per level per month from purchases of WBP each month Introduce one member and get paid on one generation of members Introduce two members and get paid on two generation of members Introduce three members and get paid on three generation of members Introduce ten members and get paid on ten generation of members

9 Number Members Per Level*
Qualify for maximum commissions through 10 levels Number of Personally Enrolled Members: Level Number Members Per Level* Commission Commission per person Monthly Income Introduce TWO Members Earn TWO Levels Introduce 3 Members Earn 3 Levels Introduce 10 Members Earn 10 Levels Introduce ONE Member Earn ONE Level Introduce 8 Members Earn 8 Levels Introduce 7 Members Earn 7 Levels Introduce 4 Members Earn 4 Levels Introduce 5 Members Earn 5 Levels Introduce 6 Members Earn 6 Levels Introduce 9 Members Earn 9 Levels Level 1 10 10% $3 $ Level 2 9 10% $3 $$ Level 3 27 10% $3 $$$ Level 4 81 10% $3 $$$$ Level 5 243 10% $3 $$$$$ Level 6 729 10% $3 $$$$$$ Level 7 2187 10% $3 $$$$$$$ Level 8 6561 10% $3 $$$$$$$$ Level 9 19,683 10% $3 $$$$$$$$$ Level 10 59,049 10% $3 $$$$$$$$$$ Assumptions: You aim to personally introduced 10 active eCash-Invest members, 3 of whom introduce other people Each person in your team personally introduced 3 active eCash-Invest members

10 Start making money quickly with Fast Start Bonuses?
Approximately 20% of Member’s first payment for WBP goes into Fast Start Bonus Pool This means $10 from member’s first payment is contributed to Fast Start Bonus Pool Earn share of pool for every 5 eCash-Invest Members you enrol in any calendar month This can provide an extra income stream while you build your residual income

11 Example of Fast Start Bonus
Assume NEW 10,000 people became eCash-Invest members in month Total Bonus Pool for that month = $10 x 10,000 people = $100,000 in Bonus Pool Assume that 200 members enrolled 5 people each in that month Fast Start Bonus Pool Share = $500 USD Earn as many shares as you want

12 Choose to take option of investing with eCash-Invest
Start with as little as $100 USD All members investments are pooled together to be invested eg. 10,000 members x $100 invested each = $1,000,000 invested with eCash-Invest This provides ability for small investors to earn ROI normally only available to large investors Invest $1,000 or more to earn additional income streams from ROI Invest $10,000 or more and earn higher ROI on your investment Fund invested must stay invested for 90 days before you can withdraw

13 100% of ROI is distributed Unilevel plan to members
Example ONLY: 10,000 members x $100 invested = $1,000,000 total invested If ROI is 20% for month then $200,000 is distributed through Unilevel program 25% of ROI is paid to investors = $50,000 15% of ROI is paid to Leadership Pool to fund Member Travel & Car Incentives = $30,000 60% of ROI is distributed through 10 level Unilevel program to qualified members = $120,000

14 $100 - $999 Invested with eCash-Invest
Earn 25% of ROI paid back to you Eg. $500 x 5%^ = $25 paid back to you that month Do NOT earn commissions on ROI earned on money invested by your team ^ 5% is calculated assuming ROI was 20% and 25% is paid back to investor (25% of 20% = 5%) * Assuming ROI was 20% for month. * Please note the ROI will vary from month to month * NO guarantees are made on rates of ROI

15 $1,000-$9,999 invested with eCash-Invest
Earn 25% of ROI paid back to you Eg. $2,000 x 5%^ = $100 paid back to you that month Eligible to earn commissions in Unilevel plan on 60% portion of ROI from members in team Earn up to 10 levels of commissions through dynamic compression ^ 5% is calculated assuming ROI was 20% and 25% is paid back to investor (25% of 20% = 5%) * Please note the ROI will vary from month to month * NO guarantees are made on rates of ROI

16 $10,000+ invested with eCash-Invest
Can qualify to earn commissions on 60% of ROI from members in their team Earn 25% of ROI paid back (up to $10,000 invested) Earns full ROI on portion above $10,000 Eg. Invest $100,000 If ROI was 20% you would receive 20% x $90,000 = $18,000 ROI additional money paid to investor that month

17 Program provides incentive for members to invest
Invest $100 - $999 to earn ROI paid to investor Invest $1,000 or more to earn on ROI earned by investments from team you build Invest more than $10,000 and earn maximum ROI on amount above $10,000 More money invested in fund, greater the opportunity to earn maximum ROI for members The more money invested the greater the income potential for $1,000 investors More money invested the larger the Leadership Pool to fund holidays and car incentives

18 Would you like to qualify for luxury vacations ....even a luxury car?
eCash-Invest offers incredible incentives to qualified members Qualified members can earn an all expenses paid luxury cruise for two people You can even qualify for a luxury $100,000 USD car fully paid for by eCash-Invest Just meet the qualification for 4 consecutive months and it’s yours!

19 Earn cash & travel rewards in Travel Rewards Program
You must become a Clubfreedom member to access the eCash-Invest opportunity As member of Clubfreedom you can earn travel and cash rewards This can provide additional rewards as you build your ECash-Invest business You have the option of investing your Clubfreedom Cash Rewards with ECash-Invest

20 How do I get started? Become a member of Clubfreedom
Become a member of eCash-Invest Decide if you wish to invest with eCash-Invest Start building your Clubfreedom and eCash-Invest business It’s that easy…..join us and let us help you get started!

21 Actually…’s just the beginning!
The End Actually…’s just the beginning!

22 Join us in 10 minutes for Getting Started Training
Break Join us in 10 minutes for Getting Started Training

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