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Rank Qualifications Notes:

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1 Rank Qualifications Notes:
Affiliate Assoc1 Dealer1 Coord Manager1 Director Sr. Director Exec Director National Director Int’l Director Welcome Kit $85 1 Qualifying Sales2 2 6 20 40 60 120 250 700 Active3 Qualified Legs 2 legs 1 Left 1 Right 2 Personal QA 2 Coord 1 Dealer legs 1 Manager Leg 2 Coord legs 3 Manager Legs 3 Director Legs 2 Sr. Director Legs 1 Exec 2 Nat’l Leg 1 Exec legs Notes: 1) Existing IonWays Associates will retain current ranks 2) Qualifying Sales Requirements are group sales and have no time limits 3) To retain qualified rank, an Associate must remain active 4) PV = Personal Volume, BV = Binary Volume

2 Entry Options #1 Qualified Associate #2 50/50 Zero Start #3 Affiliate
$85.00 Become an Affiliate Receive Starter Kit Web Store and back office Make a qualifying sale or purchase of 700 Personal Volume (PV) or more and become a qualified Associate Qualify for all commissions #1 Qualified Associate $85.00 Become an Affiliate Receive Starter Kit Web Store and back office Select qualified purchase of 700 PV or more to place on lay-a-way Earn commissions at a rate of 50% of the full pay plan until accumulating 700 PV Earn one Order Rewards Point (ORP) for each dollar of commissions earned. These points can be applied to the purchase of the layaway. 1 point=1retail dollar in your Web Store #2 50/50 Zero Start #3 Affiliate $85.00 Become an Affiliate Receive Starter Kit Web Store and back office Earn commissions at a rate of 50% of the full pay plan until accumulating 700 PV

3 UltraPay Commission Type Overview
Direct Sales Commission* Paid on all personal sales of commissionable items. Promotes product sales and get people paid quickly. Get started and get into profit. Unilevel Commissions* Paid through 9 levels. Promotes sponsoring and working with your personally sponsored people, and their personals. Build wide and deep. Binary Team Commissions Paid on weak leg. Promotes teamwork and the reality that you have support from your upline and participate in their growth and success. 50% Binary Match Earn a 50% match on each Binary Team Commission earned by your first two personally sponsored binary placements. Promotes teamwork and sponsoring strong builders on each side of binary. 25% Binary Match Earn a 25% match on each Binary Team Commission earned by your every personally sponsored binary placement after your first two. Promotes continued sponsoring and depth building. Builder Bonuses Bonuses paid to Manager or Coordinator on ionizer sales in your group. Prevents fear of loss. Pays for early building. Gets people into profit quickly. Coded Bonus Paid on sales coded to you to unlimited levels. Rewards professional builders with promise of substantial long term income. Helps new associates advance. Coded Bonus Matches Creates a team building environment. Bonus Pools Company promotion incentives and recognition of advancement. *These commission types are paying now along with PreLaunch incentives on following slides

4 You can start earning these UltraPay Commissions during PreLaunch on all sales:
Direct Sales Commission – paid to you for any sale made through your webstore. (except on the first ionizer sale which passes upline to your enroller) Training Bonus = Is paid on the on the first ionizer sale of anyone you enroll and is equal to the full Direct Sales Commission. New Unilevel Payout – Pays graduating amounts nine levels deep Manager and Executive Bonuses – earned on any

5 You can also earn with the Prelaunch Shared Pool Bonuses & Contest
Total amount paid out per product has not been lowered or changed. (except the Vesta and UltraDelphi which were each increased) Money from each sale that is not paid through the commissions shown on the preceding slides is contributed to the Shared-Pool & Contest. This program has two components: A contest for the top ten sales producers Shared pool that pays bonuses on each sale

6 The Shared-Pool The Pool: A dollar value is contributed into the Shared-Pool each time any ionizer is sold. Share Value: Determined at the end of PreLaunch, share value is the total pool amount / by the total # of eligible shares. Enroller Share: One earned each time someone you enroll buys an ionizer. Retail Share: One earned on any retail ionizer sale from your website (except first sale which always goes upline to your enroller). Loyalty Share: One for every cycle you would have earned in the old binary. Must be Dealer rank and above, Active as of 12/1/12.  Your Shared-Pool Bonus: is equal to the number of shares you earned multiplied by the share value

7 The Contest Pool The Contest Pool is designed to recognize and reward the highest achievers during PreLaunch. Earn a $10,000 bonus for being the top sales person during the pre-launch.   Second Place $7,000, 3rd place $5,000 and graduating to even a $1,000 prize for 10th place.  Amounts are based on our AlkaViva goal of 500 Vesta sales. Actual sales and bonus values may vary. Actual percentages: 1st Place = 25%; 2nd Place = 18%; 3rd Place =13 4th Place = 10%; 5th Place = 9%; 6th Place = 8%; 7th Place = 6% 8th Place = 5%; 9th Place = 4%; 10th Place = 3%

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