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Faruk Çubukçu Get Your IT Manager Title samples,

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1 Faruk Çubukçu Get Your IT Manager Title samples, short briefs Faruk Çubukçu - IT Training

2 Why IT Manager? Who is IT Manager? Technical and Administrative Skills IT Managers Responsibilities Content Faruk Çubukçu - IT Training

3 Faruk Çubukçu is an expert in IT training with almost thirty years experience. He has been working in the field since 1984. Early years he specialized in Microsoft produc ts and became one of the first certified professionals and trainers (Early Achiever and Charter Members) in Microsoft Certification program. He generally worked for the enterprises and prepare custom training solutions. He wrote many books for Microsoft Windows, Office, and other IT technologies and products. He a pioneer in the field of computer books. With his unique experience he continued teach technical staff and individuals who will work in IT field. In 2000, he created Web Site: The site is a free portal for computer training and got thousand of member. Then he created site. This site is leading training (distance learning) organization provides online training courses. The courses generally consist of self-learning tutorials for individuals and He continues IT training as a life style business and continues teaching at his own training center. Author Faruk Çubukçu - IT Training

4 To make yourself and team more valuable. To gain required IT skills. To perform the duties effectively and according to international standards. Why IT Manager? Faruk Çubukçu - IT Training

5 IT Manager is responsible for managing information technology systems and services for an organization. IT Manager, manages computer systems such as networks, Internet, operation systems, software, helps desk, support, etc. IT Manager is responsible for directing all operations such as support services and purchasing a software e.g. fc-accounting software. Who is IT Manager? Faruk Çubukçu - IT Training

6 More importantly, IT Managers create a strategic planning of information technology systems and services, specifically for using them to benefit the organization. For example, Web based e-business solutions for our training center (faruk çubukçu). Who is IT Manager? Faruk Çubukçu - IT Training

7 Networking, TCP/IP Windows operation systems, server and clients Active Directory, accounts, groups, group policies Exchange Server SQL Server Firewalls Scripts, commands such as Security settings etc. Technical and Administrative Skills Faruk Çubukçu - IT Training Policies and procedures Asset Management Project Management Service Management Help Desk etc.

8 Some of the responsibilities are: Managing basic IT infrastructure systems including servers, clients, backups, networking, auditing, etc. Providing Internet and Intranet services including Web access, email, etc. Managing IT procurements; computer systems, software systems, etc. Providing operation manuals; policies and procedures. Overseeing the administration and maintenance of the IT systems. Managing IT assets. IT Managers Responsibilities Faruk Çubukçu - IT Training

9 Thank You Faruk Çubukçu - IT Training Faruk Çubukçu

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