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Passage Three MCDBA on Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Certification.

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1 Passage Three MCDBA on Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Certification

2 Training target: In this part , you should try your best to form good reading habits. In order to avoid your ill habits such as regression , you should read with the card showed to you in the preface of this book. Keep reading the paragraphs from the beginning to the end without stopping.

3 Text Demonstrate that you have the skills necessary to lead organizations in the successful design , implementation , and administration of Microsoft SQL Server ( tm ) databases with the Microsoft Certified Database Administrator ( MCDBA ) credential.

4 MCDBA on Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Certification Requirements Microsoft Certified Database Administrator ( MCDBA ) on Microsoft SQL Server ( tm ) 2000 candidates need to pass three core exams and one elective exam that provide a valid and reliable measure of technical proficiency and expertise in the implementation and administration of SQL Server databases.

5 Microsoft is integrating Microsoft Windows ( r ) XP Professional and Microsoft. NET Enterprise Servers exams into the MCDBA on Microsoft SQL Server 2000 certification. Individuals should continue to pursue training and certification in Windows 2000 , as skills acquired for Windows 2000 will be highly relevant to and provide a critical foundation for Windows XP Professional and. NET Enterprise Servers.

6 MCDB As on Microsoft SQL Server 2000 will not be required to pass Windows XP Professional/.NET Enterprise Servers exams to retain MCDBA certification. The Windows 2000 exams and the Windows XP/.NET Enterprise Servers exams for the MCDBA on Microsoft SQL Server 2000 certification are expected to remain available concurrently.

7 Core Exams ( 3Exams Required ) MCDBA candidates are required to pass one SQL Server administration exam and one SQL Server design exam. In addition , MCDBA candidates have the option to pass either one Windows 2000 or one. NET Enterprise Servers exam to fulfill the networking systems core requirement.

8 Elective Exams ( 1Exam Required ) In addition to the core exam requirements , you must also pass one elective exam that provides proof of expertise with a specific Microsoft server product.

9 MCDBA on Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Certification Benefits Microsoft Certified Database Administrators ( MCDB As ) on Microsoft SQL Server2000receive the following benefits ( effective January1 , 2000 ) : Industry recognition of your knowledge and proficiency with Microsoft products and technologies.

10 Receive a 50 percent rebate or discount on a one-year subscription to Microsoft TechNet or T is updated monthly. Contents include the complete Microsoft Knowledge Base that Microsoft Support uses as well as service packs and kits.

11 A Microsoft Developer Network ( MSDN ( r )) subscription. MCDB As receive rebates or discounts on a one-year subscription to MSDN during the first year of certification. ( Fulfillment details will vary , depending on your location; please see your Welcome Kit for details. ) The rebate or discount amount is US $ 200 for MSDN Professional and US $ 500 for MSDN Universal.

12 A one-year subscription to SQL Server Magazine , the number1resource for Microsoft SQL ( tm ) Server professionals. Written by industry experts , the magazine contains technical and how to tips and advice—a must for anyone working with SQL Server. The regular price for a one-year subscription is US $ 49.95a year. The offer is free for MCDB As. Information on how to initiate the subscription is included in the MCDBA Welcome Kit. Or go directly to SQL Server Magazine’s Web site and subscribe online.

13 Implementation ● Access to technical and product information direct from Microsoft through a secured area of the MCP site. ● Access to exclusive discounts on products and services from selected companies. Individuals who are currently certified can learn more about exclusive discounts by visiting the secured MCP site.

14 ● The MCDBA logo , certificate , transcript , wallet card , and lapel pin that identify you as a Microsoft Certified Professional ( MCP ) to colleagues and clients. Electronic files of logos and your transcript may be downloaded from the secured MCP site upon certification. ● Invitations to Microsoft conferences , technical training sessions , and special events.

15 ● Free access to Microsoft Certified Professional Magazine Online , a career and professional development magazine. Secured content on the Microsoft Certified Professional Magazine Online Web site includes the current issue ( available only to MCPs ), additional online-only content and columns , an MCP- only database , and regular chats with Microsoft and other technical experts.

16 A discount on membership to PASS , the Professional Association for SQL Server. In addition to playing a key role in the only worldwide , user run SQL Server user group endorsed by Microsoft , members enjoy unique access to a world of educational opportunities. PASS is extending an invitation to MCPs to take advantage of PASS voting membership and all the rewards that come with it for only US $ 50 ( US $ 100off the regular price ).Visit the secured MCP site for details on how to receive this benefit.

17 MCT Certification Requirements The Microsoft Certified Trainer ( MCT ) Program is an annual renewal program. Each year in October , you are required to complete an online application , pay an annual fee , and meet a number of program requirements in order to renew your certification for the coming year. As a member of the exclusive MCT Program , you will be granted access to a number of valuable program benefits.

18 Follow These Steps to Earn Your MCT Certification If you would like to apply to become an MCT , please thoroughly read the MCT Program Guide and the MCT Agreement ( Microsoft Word document , 93KB ) before beginning the application process. ● Step1:Acquire a Premier MCP Certification ● Step2:Attend a Microsoft Course at a Microsoft CTEC ● Step3:Demonstrate Instructional Presentation Skills ● Step4:Complete the MCT Application

19 Fulfill Program Requirements to Maintain Your MCT Certification

20 Microsoft recognizes and promotes MCTs as Microsoft products and course experts. Because MCTs play such an important role in the training process , it is important that MCTs have the instructional skills and technical qualifications to deliver the best possible training to IT professionals and developers. For this reason , the requirements of the MCT Program ensure that MCTs have broad technical knowledge and up-to-date teaching skills.

21 The requirements for the MCT 2003 Program year ( October1 , 2002 ~ September 30 , 2003 ) : Maintain a premier MCP Certification Deliver at least two Microsoft training courses Earn 15 Technical Continuing Education Credits ( CECs ) Earn 5 Instructional Continuing Education Credits ( CECs )

22 When you renew your certification in October each year , you will report your CECs and delivery days in the MCT renewal application. Following the renewal period , Microsoft will conduct an audit of approximately five percent of the MCT community. This requirement allows Microsoft to monitor the professional development activities of our trainers.

23 Details on the above requirements can be found in the MCT 2003 Program guide. If you have questions about the certification process or about the program requirements , please contact a Microsoft Regional Education Service Center ( RESC ) near you.

24 The End

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