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SE Name SE Title Blackboard Training: Approaches and Opportunities.

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1 SE Name SE Title Blackboard Training: Approaches and Opportunities

2 People Power Technology Comprehensive training of faculty and system administrators maximizes an institutions return on their academic technology investment. –When you need to increase faculty adoption, promote communication and collaboration among colleagues, or encourage innovation in teaching and learning, training will enable you meet these objectives. –In addition, effective training helps clients to decrease support and administration costs by equipping end users with the best pedagogical and product knowledge available. The Blackboard Training team serves the instructional needs of all Blackboard users including: –Faculty –System Administrators –Course Developers and Instructional Designers –Technology Trainers and Help Desk Staff –Software Developers and Server Administrators

3 The Blackboard Training Team The Blackboard Training team provides clients with comprehensive educational consulting services which include: –Blackboard Product Instruction –Online Learning Implementation Analysis –Training Curriculum Design –Learning Materials Development –Functional Consulting We have provided training expertise to thousands of users at over 1,100 Blackboard client institutions in the higher education, K-12, commercial and government markets. –Our training consultants are skilled project managers and professional educators with extensive experience in technology instruction. –Blackboard employs twelve trainers in Washington, DC and California. We also partner with client institutions to provide Blackboard training services internationally.

4 MISSION CRITICAL EXPLORATORY TIME SUPPORTEDSTRATEGICTRANSFORMATIVE: THE NETWORKED LEARNING ENVIRONMENT Phase I Phase 2Phase 3Phase 4 Phase 5 Course web sites Commercial enterprise course management system Online courses, organizations, and institutional services integrated with back-office systems A full online campus with learning communities and shared digital content resources When any student or teacher can view instructional content, collaborate with educators, evaluate academic performance, and access learning resources at any time to achieve their educational objectives. INSTITUTIONAL GROWTH The Networked Learning Environment

5 MISSION CRITICAL EXPLORATORY TIME SUPPORTEDSTRATEGICTRANSFORMATIVE: THE NETWORKED LEARNING ENVIRONMENT Phase I Phase 2Phase 3Phase 4 Phase 5 INSTITUTIONAL BENEFITS The Faculty Benefits of a Networked Learning Environment Evaluations & Outcomes Management Student Centered Learning Access to High Quality Content Instructor Efficiency ` Anytime / Anywhere Access

6 MISSION CRITICAL EXPLORATORY TIME SUPPORTEDSTRATEGICTRANSFORMATIVE: THE NETWORKED LEARNING ENVIRONMENT Phase I Phase 2Phase 3Phase 4 Phase 5 Product Manuals and Online Tutorials Regional Training Onsite Essentials and Admin Training Custom Training Curriculum Design Online Training (Asynch Courses) Onsite Essentials and Admin Training Online Learning Implementation Analysis Custom Training Curriculum Design Learning Materials Development Online Training (Asynch Courses) Advanced/Custom Onsite Training When all faculty, system administrators, course developers, instructional designers, technology trainers, and help desk staff possess the knowledge and skills necessary to achieve their objectives for online teaching and learning. INSTITUTIONAL GROWTH Training Solutions for Every Implementation

7 Onsite Training Solutions Our Administration Series provides instruction for individuals who will be managing and supporting applications in the Blackboard Academic Suite. The Essentials and Advanced Series offer comprehensive training for faculty, course developers, and instructional designers who will be using Blackboard to deliver Web- enhanced and distance education courses, manage learning content, or develop online communities. The Promotional Series offers targeted training for clients adopting one or more new Blackboard applications. Administration Series –Blackboard Academic Suite Administration –Blackboard Learning System Administration –Blackboard Content System Administration –Blackboard Community System Administration Essentials Series –Blackboard Academic Suite Essentials –Blackboard Learning System Essentials –Blackboard Content System Essentials –Blackboard Community System Essentials Advanced Series –Blackboard Effective Course Design Promotional Series –From Basic to Enterprise: Using the Blackboard Learning System –From the Blackboard Learning System to the Blackboard Academic Suite

8 Online Training Solutions In circumstances where instructors are obligated during the school day, the institution employs a distance education model, or faculty need ongoing professional development opportunities, many clients choose online training. Facilitated Asynchronous Courses provide extended training and support for instructors as they explore the pedagogy and practice of online learning. –Teaching and Learning Online in Higher Education –Teaching and Learning Online in K-12 Schools –Blackboard Academic Suite Administration Online courses begin on the first Monday of each month and run for six consecutive weeks. All courses are facilitated by certified Blackboard trainers.

9 Regional Training Solutions Blackboard training consultants also deliver monthly regional events in Washington, DC and Phoenix, AZ. These training opportunities are ideal for institutions with new system administrators, support staff, course developers, and faculty who need a crash course in managing and using the applications in the Blackboard Academic Suite. Monday-Tuesday:Blackboard Learning System Essentials ($650.00) Wednesday:Blackboard Learning System Administration ($325.00) Thursday:Blackboard Community System Administration & Essentials ($325.00) Friday:Blackboard Content System Administration & Essentials ($325.00) Washington, DC October 24-28, 2005 November 14-18, 2005 December 12-16, 2005 Phoenix, AZ October 10-14, 2005 November 7-11, 2005 December 5-9, 2005

10 Technical Training Solutions Building Blocks Essentials training provides participants with a practical overview of the Blackboard user interface, system architecture, APIs, tag libraries, object model, and content subsystem. –An experienced Blackboard technical consultant leads participants through a series of development activities which result in working system extensions. –This workshop is intended for software developers who are experienced programming in Java. Upcoming Workshops –September 26-28, 2005 –November 8-10, 2005

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12 Thank you for joining our webinar! To register for a Blackboard Training event, please contact your Blackboard Account Manager or email

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