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Technology Plan EDLD 5362 Casey Smith.

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1 Technology Plan EDLD 5362 Casey Smith

2 Weatherford Mission Statement
The mission of the Weatherford Independent School District is to teach, challenge, and inspire each student in a safe, nurturing environment to succeed in the global community. WISD will be the world-class district of choice.

3 District Makeup 1 High School 1 Ninth Grade Center 2 Junior Highs
7 Elementary Schools 1 Alternative Schools Approximately 7,500 students 540 teachers and staff

4 Demographics Technology Expenditures (State Funds) : $200,939 (2009/2010 Budget Year) Technology Expenditures (Local Funds) : $368,583 (2009/2010 Budget Year) Technology Expenditure Per Pupil (State Funds) : $26.47 Technology Expenditure Per Pupil (Local Funds) : $48.56 Technology Expenditure Per Pupil (State & Local Funds): $75.03 Technology as Percentage of Budget (State & Local Funds) : % Student/Computer Ratio : 2.04 : 1 (3706 total computers) Computer/Teacher Ratio : 1:1

5 Needs Assessment 11 Mb direct connection for internet
District web servers for district information, teacher webpages, and student work Average is 2.6 computers per classroom Phone access in each office and classroom Each classroom has minimum of 5 Ethernet connections All campuses have wireless G connectivity

6 Teacher Needs Based off of on-site visits, surveys, and STaR Chart analysis Increase classroom level to technology Provide and maintain an increased level of Instructional Technology offerings Provide more professional development Create plan for all staff to meet SBEC technology proficiency standards Fair access to technology Increase assistance in integrating technology in classroom

7 Goals and objectives Derived after combining data of surveys to the Texas Long-Range Plan for Technology (TxLRPT) Focus in the following areas: Teaching and Learning Educator Preparation and Development Administration and Support Services Infrastructure for Technology

8 Teaching and Learning Focus on instructional needs of teachers and learning needs of students Goal addressed: promote integration of technology parallel with curriculum Objectives: Improve student learning Increase student engagement Meet learning style needs Integrate technology into curriculum Access to multimedia technologies Positively impact parental involvement

9 Teaching and Learning Response
Assign all teachers Dell Mini10 Latitude 2100 laptops - $362,000 Provide professional development opportunities and stipends for Campus Technologist $12,000 budget for TCEA conference $11,000 Campus Technologist stipend Utilize Campus Technologist to assist teachers in implementing technology Develop online instructional delivery website using Moodle – open source Provide mobile computer labs to each campus - $270,000 over 3 years Provide accounts for secondary students - $20,000 per year

10 Educator Preparation and Development
Address staff development needs of teachers and administrators Goal addressed: provide staff opportunities to develop and maintain technology skills Objectives: provide research based, ongoing and sustained professional development Ensure that all staff meet or exceed SBEC standards for technology

11 Educator Preparation and Development Response
Continue development and revision of “Standards of Technology Proficiency” Development of individual technology course curriculum targeting specific “Technology Proficiencies” Schedule bi-annual courses through Euphoria's Workshop Manage technology offerings in staff development Curriculum content will include technology integration component

12 Administration and Support Services
Create a shared vision, encourage integration of technology, and use data to improve student learning Goal: provide effective leadership and support to ensure effective and efficient integration of technology into curriculum. Objectives: Collaborate with Curriculum & Instruction team Use student management systems and other online resources Include community Promote parental involvement Allow adult literacy same use of technology

13 Administration and Support Services Response
Revise Technology Plan annually Work closely with Curriculum and Instruction Provide training on Student Management Systems (Infinite Campus and Eduphoria) Maintain open communication from Technology department web page Access to and telephone Parent access to Infinite Campus Students will have access to Infinite Campus grades 2 – 12 Adult literacy has access to technology

14 Student Information System – Infinite Campus
Cost: $14 per student, approx. $105,000 per year Records items such as: attendance, course info, scheduling, grade book, Ad Hoc reporting, parent portal, and assessments 100% compliant to Texas standards Customizable reports Excellent customer support

15 Infrastructure for Technology
Focus on hardware, software, and human infrastructure (capabilities of those using technical components) Goal: maintain effective and reliable infrastructure for network telecommunications and learning Objectives: Deliver online resources effectively Provide safe and secure environment on internet All campuses will have “Advanced Tech” level on Texas STaR Chart

16 Infrastructure for Technology Response
Maintain reliable phone service - $10,000 annually Upgrade to 100 Mbit capacity - $150,000 next 2 years Upgrade wireless network on all campuses - $25,000 Establish online purchasing portal Antivirus protection on computers and - $34,000 Filter internet activity - $24,000 per year Review Acceptable Use Policy annually Maintain compliant system Upgrade online work order system Monthly performance reviews Annual Customer Satisfaction survey

17 Firewall service Previously used Cisco router costing $2,500, but could not keep up with constant changing Now use Monowall with the following added benefits: Open source Use less than 10% of computer resources Can be ran on a single low end computer In future looking to transfer to pfSense, which is an upgraded version of Monowall with added features

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