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Hyndburn FIRST Ltd The Mechanics of a Local Strategic Partnership Nigel Rix Rix Regeneration (former Director, Hyndburn FIRST)

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1 Hyndburn FIRST Ltd The Mechanics of a Local Strategic Partnership Nigel Rix Rix Regeneration (former Director, Hyndburn FIRST)

2 Health Housing Education Training Economic Development Transport Environment Community Safety Town Planning Social Care HYNDBURN, East Lancashire, Northern England Late 1990s view of the dyeing works – deprivation and disconnection Public services disjointed and under performing

3 PUBLIC SERVICES IN ENGLAND Unwieldy governance built on tiers National Regional County Multi-District District/Borough/ City Neighbourhood UK Gov Departments Regional Dev Agency and Gov. Office County Council e.g.Ed, Social Care Health Trusts, Regeneration District Councils e.g.Housing, Planning N. Management Agency

4 Local Strategic Partnership Joining up loose threads locally Political leaders Strategic decision makers Business leaders Regional agencies Police Commander Fire Chief Resident reps Voluntary sector reps Religious leaders Youth Councillors

5 What is a Local Strategic Partnership? A non-statutory, non-executive organisation without earmarked funding Embracing public, private, community and voluntary sectors Borough wide remit LSPs will bring together key organisations to identify communities top priorities and address them Strategic decision makers but close to communities Government experiment imposed on councils in 88 most deprived English districts in 2001

6 LSPs 4 Core Tasks set by Government Prepare and implement a Community Strategy, keep track of progress and keep it up to date Provide a forum to bring together and streamline local plans, partnerships and initiatives Develop and deliver a Neighbourhood Renewal Strategy contributing to national targets to tackle deprivation Develop and monitor local Public Service Agreements and targets to ensure a minimum level of basic services

7 Track record in public/private joint ventures Hyndburn FIRST Ltd. Regeneration Agency/potential LSP Company limited by guarantee - Sept 2000 Service contract with HBC - £1m per annum Hyndburns Regeneration Agency The Globe Centre Transformation of redundant textile engineering works. 30 businesses 1000 employees 500 new jobs £8m asset value to fund further investment Multi-sector partnership board

8 Hyndburn FIRST – Adaptation, assessment, accreditation! Hyndburn FIRST unanimously endorsed as emerging Local Strategic Partnership subject to adaptation of Board to ensure inclusivity - 30 persons Hyndburn FIRST Board engaging in developing Community Strategy and Neighbourhood Renewal Strategy and Neighbourhood Renewal Fund approvals Self assessment required by Government December 2001 Hyndburn FIRST LSP accredited by Government - Feb 2002 12 Thematic working groups

9 LSP Talking Shop or Workshop?! Action Focus to Meet Local Needs Sure Start Child and Family Centre Community Health Centre (LIFT) Business Park with knowledge based industries Neighbourhood Wardens Town Centre Shopping and Market Development Cinema/Bowl/Drive-Thru Neighbourhood Regeneration

10 Hyndburn FIRST - An LSP Pilot but flying where? Summer 2003 HF Performance Management Pilot To monitor progress across the partnership in implementing locally agreed priorities and targets Indicators re Partnership effectiveness, added value and actions for improvement Growing concern that LSP is a tool of Government bureaucracy and without the powers and resources to co-ordinate and deliver a step change in local life Financial and legal capacity essential to HF delivering added value February 2004 Proposed evaluation of staff transfer from Hyndburn Council to Hyndburn FIRST Ltd but for local authorities a step too far

11 LSP Limitations and lessons Challenge to community leadership role of local authorities Elective v. participative democracy Monitoring not delivering Discussing not developing Process rather than proaction Culture clashes and conflicts of interest Government recognition of LSPs inconsistent Local partnerships not streamlined Concern re Hyndburn FIRST – the LSP Leviathan! But LSPs non-executive, non-statutory and not funded!

12 LSPs and Sustainable Communities – the national picture Marked growth for South East and South Midlands Doubling Daventry by Development Corporation! Housing Market Renewal to transform low demand neighbourhoods in North and Midlands New Partnerships and delivery vehicles Local Area Agreements – 20 pilots Local authorities asserting community leadership role But Local Strategic Partnerships have not been built into the development and delivery processes Paramount need for co-ordinated delivery of public services and economic development at local level

13 LSPs – The future? Integration and trust key to sustainable communities LSPs a precarious addition to a fragmented pattern of local governance LSPs should be integrated, empowered and resourced by Government to co-ordinate service improvement and community and economic development LSPs should be empowered to hold to account service providers for delivery of Community Strategy LSPs must be accountable to the public and elected councils

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