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David Dalziel Secretary Chief Fire Officers Association Scotland.

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1 David Dalziel Secretary Chief Fire Officers Association Scotland

2 McCabes Vision of OUR Future No set ideas about future structures Reform around needs and expectations of those who use our services Step up the pace of reform Be innovative and imaginative Status Quo is not an option

3 Linkages Leaders challenge the status quo - Managers make things more effective Cultural change Role of leadership in effecting change Conflict of modern leadership in a command and control culture Conflict of transformational leadership in a public sector environment


5 National Perspective The wide range of national policy initiatives and structural differences in partner organisations make it difficult for partnerships to achieve their full potential. Partner organisations have different geographic boundaries, accountabilities and financial regulations. This limits the flexibility of some partners to respond to local needs and creates administrative difficulties. CPPs and partner organisations have to respond to the national policy agenda. The Scottish Executive has a wide-ranging and ambitious policy portfolio aimed at improving public services in Scotland. The lack of integration and prioritisation of national policy initiatives creates additional work for partnerships.

6 Partnership and Reform Developing future leaders to deliver change - Age and treachery will triumph over youth and skill - Delivering through leadership NHS programme - Drive reform through local community planning partnerships

7 Building Relationships A key factor in contributing to the success of initiatives in joining up is their ability to make and maintain relationships

8 Key Messages Delivering both the Programme for Government (1999) and the Partnership Agreement (2003) requires collaboration across different parts of the Scottish public sector. This has been reinforced by the way in which community planning has been embedded, with a clear emphasis on different parts of government and different agencies working together to deliver better public services. Clear recognition that, in order to achieve this, leadership development is essential.

9 Synergies and Well Being Grampian road safety hub Community Wardens Care and Repair Teams Park Rangers Youth Engagement Restorative justice schemes Anti social behaviour strategies First responder scheme Police National Intelligence Model

10 David Dalziel Secretary Chief Fire Officers Association Scotland

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