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The Green Standard Standard 189.1-2011, Standard for the Design of High-Performance Green Buildings.

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1 The Green Standard Standard 189.1-2011, Standard for the Design of High-Performance Green Buildings

2 What is Standard 189.1? ANSI standard developed in model code language Provides minimum requirements for high- performance, green buildings Applies to all buildings except low-rise residential (same as ASHRAE/IES Standard 90.1) Optional compliance path to the International Green Construction Code Not a design guide or a rating system

3 Standard 189.1 Provides Mandatory criteria in all topic areas Simple prescriptive compliance options Flexible performance compliance options Complement green building rating programs

4 Sponsors and Project Committee  Sponsor and co-sponsors: – ASHRAE – USGBC (U.S. Green Building Council) – IES (Illuminating Engineering Society)  Project committee: 35+ voting members; variety of disciplines, industries & organizations

5 Standard 189.1 Building Blocks

6 Standard 189.1 Topic Areas Sustainable Sites Water Use Efficiency Energy Efficiency Indoor Environmental Quality Building’s Impact on the Atmosphere, Materials & Resources Construction and Operations Plans

7 Standard 189.1 Basic Structure x.1: Scope x.2: Compliance x.3: Mandatory (required for all projects) x.4: Prescriptive path (simple option, minimal choices, very few calculations) x.5: Performance path (more sophisticated, flexibility, but more effort)

8 Compliance Paths + + (simple option, very few calculations) (more options, but more effort)

9 Sustainable Sites

10 Sustainable Sites Highlights  Site Selection  Reduce heat island effect  Reduce light pollution

11 Water

12 Water Use Efficiency Mandatory Provisions  Site water use  Building water use  HVAC Systems, equipment  Water consumption management

13 Energy

14 Energy Efficiency Original Standard 189.1-2009 goal 30% lower than Standard 90.1-2007 INCLUDING PROCESS Standard 189.1-2011 goal 5-15% lower than Standard 189.1-2009 Appendix G from Standard 90.1 is incorporated as a Normative Appendix

15 Energy Efficiency Mandatory requirements  Renewable energy provisions  Remote or automatic reading meters criteria based on size  Meters communicate to central recording system  Data storage for minimum 36 months

16 Indoor Environmental Quality

17 Highlights  Outdoor airflow  Tobacco smoke control  Outdoor air monitoring  Filtration and air cleaning  Daylighting  Thermal comfort  Acoustics

18 Building’s Impact on Atmosphere, Materials and Resources

19 Mandatory: Construction waste management No CFC based refrigerants Recyclables storage areas

20 Construction and Operation Plans

21 Construction and Operation Highlights Building acceptance testing/commissioning IAQ construction management plan Plans for operation -High performance building operation -Maintenance -Service Life -Transportation Management

22 Why Consider Adopting Standard 189.1?  Minimum green building requirements developed using ANSI consensus process with b alanced committee, consensus must be reached by materially affected parties  ASHRAE and USGBC offers training to code officials on detailed requirements of standard

23 Further Information Standard 189.1: International Green Construction Code: User Manual available to assist in understanding in how to apply the standard

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