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46 Blackstone Street LEED-NC v2.1 Platinum 46 Blackstone, LEED Platinum.

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7 46 Blackstone Street LEED-NC v2.1 Platinum 46 Blackstone, LEED Platinum

8 Sustainable Sites Erosion and Sedimentation Control: Filter fabric/silt fences, hay bales, sprinkling for dust control, temporary sediment basins Brownfield remediation  Site characterization program – soil samples in 2002  Oil and other hazardous materials found – i.e. PCBs – polychlorinated biphenyl  150 tons of contaminated soil removed – taken to Turnkey Recycling in NH and Ensco in AR YPrereq 1Erosion & Sedimentation Control 1Credit 1Site Selection 1Credit 2Urban Redevelopment 1Credit 3Brownfield Redevelopment

9 SUSTAINABLE SITES 1Credit 4.1Alternative Transportation, Public Transportation Access 1Credit 4.2Alternative Transportation, Bicycle Storage & Changing Rooms 1Credit 4.3Alternative Transportation, Alternative Fuel Vehicles 1Credit 4.4Alternative Transportation, Parking Capacity and Carpooling 46 Blackstone, LEED Platinum

10 Sustainable Sites. [Bioswale secction by Bruner Cott] 1Credit 5.2Reduced Site Disturbance, Development Footprint (Open Space) 1Credit 6.1Stormwater Management, Rate and Quantity 1Credit 6.2Stormwater Management, Treatment 1Credit 7.1Landscape & Exterior Design to Reduce Heat Islands, Non-Roof 1Credit 7.2Landscape & Exterior Design to Reduce Heat Islands, Roof 46 Blackstone, LEED Platinum SSc7.1: 35.5% of impervious surfaces are high albedo

11 Water Efficiency 1Credit 1.1Water Efficient Landscaping, Reduce by 50% 1Credit 1.2Water Efficient Landscaping, No Potable Use or No Irrigation 1Credit 3.1Water Use Reduction, 20% Reduction 1Credit 3.2Water Use Reduction, 30% Reduction: 42% 46 Blackstone, LEED Platinum Honey locust, river birch, scarlet oak, no-mow fescue

12 Energy and Atmosphere YPrereq 1Fundamental Building Systems Commissioning YPrereq 3CFC Reduction in HVAC&R Equipment 1Credit 3Additional Commissioning 1Credit 4Ozone Depletion 46 Blackstone, LEED Platinum  No HCFCs or halons in HVAC equipment RDK: third party CxA  document review  re-commissioning manual  meet with operations staff

13 Energy and Atmosphere YPrereq 2Minimum Energy Performance 8Credit 1Optimize Energy Performance: 45.2% 46 Blackstone, LEED Platinum  100% demand-control outside air w/enthalpy wheel heat recovery  Steam for heating; ground source heat pumps for cooling  Decoupled systems – valance units

14 46 Blackstone, LEED Platinum

15 Energy and Atmosphere 1Credit 5Measurement & Verification 1Credit 6Green Power 46 Blackstone, LEED Platinum Meters  Whole building energy use  Lighting  Elevator  Plug loads  Operations center  Mechanical system  Operations Center  Domestic water  Individual HVAC motors – constant and VFDs  Building cooling load  Building heating load  Air distribution static pressure  Ventilation air volume

16 Materials and Resources YPrereq 1Storage & Collection of Recyclables 1Credit 1.1Building Reuse, Maintain 75% of Existing Shell 1Credit 2.1Construction Waste Management, Divert 50% 1Credit 2.2Construction Waste Management, Divert 75%: 99.42% 46 Blackstone, LEED Platinum

17 Materials and Resources 1Credit 4.1Recycled Content, Specify 5% (post-consumer + ½ post-industrial) 1Credit 4.2Recycled Content, Specify 10% (post-consumer + ½ post-industrial): 10.46% 1Credit 5.1Local/Regional Materials, 20% Manufactured Locally: 33.48% 1Credit 5.2Local/Regional Materials, of 20% Above, 50% Harvested Locally: 11.48% 1Credit 7Certified Wood, 50% FSC: 59.63% 46 Blackstone, LEED Platinum Recycled content: steel, concrete, carpet, aluminum windows, gypsum board Regional: concrete, rebar, plantings, masonry, aluminum frames, gypsum Certified: wood doors, veneers

18 Indoor Environmental Quality YPrereq 1Minimum IAQ Performance YPrereq 2Environmental Tobacco Smoke (ETS) Control 46 Blackstone, LEED Platinum

19 Indoor Environmental Quality Credit 1Carbon Dioxide (CO 2 ) Monitoring Credit 2Ventilation Effectiveness Credit 3.1Construction IAQ Management Plan, During Construction Credit 3.2Construction IAQ Management Plan, Before Occupancy 46 Blackstone, LEED Platinum

20 Indoor Environmental Quality Credit 4.1Low-Emitting Materials, Adhesives & Sealants Credit 4.2Low-Emitting Materials, Paints Credit 4.3Low-Emitting Materials, Carpet Credit 4.4Low-Emitting Materials, Composite Wood & Agrifiber 46 Blackstone, LEED Platinum

21 Indoor Environmental Quality Credit 5Indoor Chemical & Pollutant Source Control Credit 6.1Controllability of Systems, Perimeter Credit 6.2Controllability of Systems, Non-Perimeter Credit 7.1Thermal Comfort, Comply with ASHRAE 55-1992 Credit 7.2Thermal Comfort, Permanent Monitoring System Credit 8.1Daylight & Views, Daylight 75% of Spaces Credit 8.2Daylight & Views, Views for 90% of Spaces 46 Blackstone, LEED Platinum

22 Innovation and Design 1Credit 1.1Innovation in Design: Exemplary Performance MR c2: 99.42% 1Credit 1.2Innovation in Design: Exemplary Performance SS c4 (Commuter Choice) 1Credit 1.3Innovation in Design: Exemplary Performance WE c3: 43% 1Credit 1.4Innovation in Design: Green Cleaning 1Credit 2LEED™ Accredited Professional 46 Blackstone, LEED Platinum For a tour of 46 Blackstone, email:

23 The Green Engineer, LLP Sustainable Design Consulting LEED 2009



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