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LEED® Certification :- Scoring Points

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1 LEED® Certification :- Scoring Points
How ClimateMaster’s EarthPure™ R-410A heat pumps fit into the LEED program

2 LEED = Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design
What is LEED? LEED = Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Developed by USGBC (U.S. Green Building Council) in conjunction with DOE EPA GSA (U.S. General Services Administration) Air Force, Army, Navy States of CA, CT, IL, ME, MD, MA, MI, NJ, NY, OR, PA

3 Why LEED? Annual Building consumption Sustainable Design
30% of the total energy 60% of the electricity 5 billion gallons of potable water used to flush toilets every day Sustainable Design Responsibility towards our environment

4 Goals and Benefits The goals of the LEED program include
Reduced or neutralized first costs Enhanced asset value/increased profits Optimized life cycle economic performance Economic benefits include Improved productivity Reduced liability

5 Why Does It Matter? Some states and cities offer tax incentives for buildings that meet green building codes or become LEED certified. GSA new building projects must meet LEED certification requirements New York was the first state to implement a green building tax program Up to $3.75 per square foot for interior work and Up to $7.50 per square foot for exterior work against their state tax bill

6 Why Does It Matter? Cook County, IL requires new county facilities to meet LEED Silver certification Maryland has implemented a green building tax credit and requires state buildings to meet LEED standards Portland created a tailored version of LEED for city funded buildings Seattle sets a LEED Silver level rating for city funded projects

7 Why Does It Matter? Case Studies
Energy efficiency measures in a Denver dry goods building --- Reduced Operating expenses -  $75000 Students in day-lit schools in North Carolina consistently score higher in tests compared to students in schools using conventional fixtures Productivity gains of workers by a US Survey - 16% Grocery store- Spokane, Washington, Waste management costs -  56%

8 LEED Certifications LEED-NC (new construction – commercial)
Complete and has been in use for four years LEED-CI (commercial interiors) LEED-EB (existing buildings) LEED-CS (core and shell – commercial) LEED-H (single family residential)-PILOT LEED-ND (residential neighborhood) In development

9 LEED-NC Seven prerequisites ... Sediment and erosion control
Minimum energy performance (ASHRAE 90.1) Fundamental commissioning CFC reduction Storage of recyclable Minimum IAQ performance (ASHRAE 62) Environmental tobacco smoke control

10 LEED-NC Five basic categories for design points … Subtotal
Sustainable sites Water efficiency Energy and atmosphere* Materials and resources Indoor environmental quality* 15 Subtotal 64 Points *ClimateMaster Solutions are applicable NOTE: 1/2 of the points are EA or IEQ

11 LEED-NC Additional points … 64 points 4 points 1 points
Subtotal (previous page) Design and process innovation LEED accredited professional* 64 points 4 points 1 points 69 points (max.) *Every ClimateMaster rep should have at least one person LEED accredited to add one point to customer’s LEED rating.

12 LEED-NC Four levels of LEED certification … LEED Certified - 26 Points
LEED Silver Points LEED Gold Points LEED Platinum Points

13 ClimateMaster Solutions
Choosing ClimateMaster equipment can help satisfy up to half (or more) of the requirements for LEED certification Optimize Energy Efficiency Additional Commissioning Ozone Depletion Measurement and Verification IEQ (Indoor Environmental Quality) (con’d) 8 points 1 points 3 points

14 ClimateMaster Solutions
ClimateMaster points (contd) Thermal Comfort Innovation in Design LEED accredited professional 2 points 4 points 1 points 21 points Selection of ClimateMaster equipment can add up to 19 points for new construction and up to 21 points for retrofit applications!

15 Equipment Examples* *Optimize Energy Efficiency points

16 Equipment Examples* *Optimize Energy Efficiency points

17 Other LEED points Additional commissioning
3rd party verification (1 point) Measurement and Verification 1 point for monitoring optimization of building energy and water consumption DDC controls Ozone depletion 1 point for systems without HCFCs Tranquility 27 & 20 use HFC-410A LEED Refrigerant Calculator

18 Understanding ODP and GWP
ODP :- Ozone Depletion Potential GWP:- Global Warming Potential

19 Enhanced Refrigerant Management
LEED HFC’s Mandatory LEED Mix of HCFC and HFC based equipment allowed Is my Building/Job eligible for EA Credit 4???? Example :- Total number of units : Units use HFC’s, 30 Units use HCFC’s SOLUTION :- CLIMATEMASTER LEED REFRIGERANT CALCULATOR

20 Other LEED points IEQ (Indoor Environmental Quality)
1 point: Provide IAQ monitoring via CO2 sensor CO2 sensor for each ClimateMaster Rx system 1 point: Provide for effective delivery and mixing of fresh air. Design system for air change effectiveness greater than or equal to 0.9 AC/H per ASHRAE 129. 1 point: Prevent IAQ problems resulting from the construction/renovation process AND provide MERV13 filtration media

21 Other LEED points Thermal Comfort Innovation in Design
1 point: Comply with ASHRAE 55 (Thermal comfort standards) 1 point: Include temperature and humidity monitoring with humidification and/or dehumidification capabilities Innovation in Design Up to 4 points for exceptional performance above requirements set by the LEED program e.g. Provide training on green buildings, open to the public (must be pre-approved)

22 Other LEED points LEED accredited professional
One point may be earned for involving a LEED accredited professional. Anyone involved in the project can apply for building certification Architect Engineering Contractor Manufacturer’s Rep Etc.

23 The Future . . . ClimateMaster will continue to develop additional HFC-410A products Vertical stack and console ClimateMaster will continue to develop high efficiency products, which will help gain additional LEED points LEED will continue to gain in popularity and will become code in more and more areas.

24 Questions?

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