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Juniors and Parents Night II Mike Squarcia Director of Guidance Voorhees High School.

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1 Juniors and Parents Night II Mike Squarcia Director of Guidance Voorhees High School

2 This presentation is posted on the VHS guidance webpage: S/Guidance/

3 Preview: Application Process  Fall Junior Year  Start developing college list  Take PSAT  Attend College Fairs  Check college requirements  Develop a testing plan: SAT or ACT

4 Preview: Application Process  Spring Junior Year  Spring Break College Visits  Plan and Complete the Junior Packet  Strong Junior Packet = Strong Recommendation  SAT or ACT tests  Continue researching colleges and plan summer activities  Summer College Open House  Summer Enrichment Programs

5 Preview: Application Process  Change to Naviance Electronic Documents  Request Teacher Recommendations  1 st request in person (before the end of this year)  2 nd request with Naviance (fall)  Transcript Requests  Documents will be sent electronically  Transcripts  Recommendation Letters  Confirmation

6 Students Take Charge  It is essential that the student take charge of the college process  Parents should offer support but not do it for the student  Colleges want to hear from the student  Students should spend some time on the junior questionnaire  Parents should complete the Brag Sheet

7 Searching for College Mike Squarcia Director of Guidance Voorhees High School

8 Naviance   What is Naviance?  A powerful interactive link between home and school, opening avenues of communication  An individualized, customized and secure website that supports academic planning for Voorhees and beyond  A resource that helps students and parents make better decisions about college opportunities and careers

9 Naviance  What can you do on Naviance?  Build a resume, complete on-line surveys, and manage deadlines for making decisions about colleges and careers  Research colleges  Compare GPA and standardized test scores to actual historical data from our school for students who have applied in the past  Senior Survey  Must complete this before graduation!  Check off where you have been accepted/denied and your final choice for attendance.

10 Voorhees Student’s Homelogic Username and Password

11 College Tools

12 College Search



15 Graph


17 Getting the Most Out of Your College Visits Mike Squarcia Director of Guidance Voorhees High School


19 Before Planning a Visit  Assess Yourself  Academic Areas of Interest  (Possible Majors)  PSAT  Interest Inventories  Talent and Skills Assessments

20 Before Planning a Visit  Develop a Profile of YOUR College  Large or Small  Urban, Suburban or Rural  What part of the country?  Price Range

21 Before Planning a Visit  Gather Information  Talk to your family and friends  College Web Search  Request Viewbooks and Materials from colleges of interest  Register for SAT or ACT

22 Before Planning a Visit  Get Organized!  Put together a college resume  Get transcripts together  Develop a college portfolio or chart (checklist)  Look at possible interview questions

23 Start Planning  What schools should I visit?  Schools that offer your major of interest  Schools that fit your profile  Schools where you can be  Successful Academically  Stimulated Intellectually  Happy Socially

24 Start Planning  When should I visit?  Best when classes are in session  Spring Recess: April 18-22  Late Summer if classes start early  Summer Orientations

25 Start Planning  Typical scheduled visits last 2 to 3 hours  Try not to do more than 2 per day  Overnight visits can give you a much better perspective

26 Before the Visit  Call to schedule a visit at least 2 weeks ahead of time  Make sure you get clear directions so you get there on time (first impression)

27 Before the Visit  Hand in the COLLEGE VISITATION FORM 3 day before your visit.

28 Before the Visit  Make arrangements to see specific people or areas you want to see  Ask about Open House  If you need to cancel, call ASAP

29 During Your Visit  Be a Good Detective  Ask people questions  Listen in on conversations  Take notes  Visit your area of interest  Labs, classrooms, facilities

30 During Your Visit  Sit in on a class  Look at the housing  Look at bulletin board postings  Read the school newspaper  Look at the athletic facilities

31 During Your Visit  Show you are INVESTED  Arrange for an interview  Plan a second visit (possibly overnight)  Ask specific questions  Tell them what you like about the school

32 Be Ready If You Have an Interview  Purpose:  To gather information about you  To evaluate how you and the school match up  To recruit you by showing off the school

33  Prepare some possible answers to questions  Don’t be afraid to show your weakness, it makes you more interesting and believable  Show how you will be good for the institution Be Ready If You Have an Interview

34 Before You Leave  Say Thank You  Drive or walk around the entire campus  Beyond the tour route  Check out the surrounding town/ city  Social Life  Safety

35 After Your Visit  Write a note of appreciation to admissions staff  Make sure you have contact information  Stay in contact with the school  Share your visit with your teachers and counselor

36 Open House: What to Expect  Large Group meeting with all prospective students  Small group guided tours highlighting specific features  Return to the large group for follow up information  Take time to fill out the forms or cards

37 Good Luck School Shopping!  If you can’t get there in person, take a virtual tour

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