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Choosing the right school for You! Created for you by: Mrs. Knapp.

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2 Choosing the right school for You! Created for you by: Mrs. Knapp

3 Things to consider…

4 Do you want to attend a 2 or 4 year college? Technical institute, community college or university? Academic Level- What is the academic level of schools you are applying t? Are they highly or moderately selective? Look at your grades and see what fits. Do the schools you are considering offer a wide range of programs that are accredited? Do they offer a license to practice at the end of your program?

5 What’s in your price range? Don’t rule out a school completely if it has a high cost… scholarships, loans and jobs can help pay the bills. Local or Distant- Do you want to stay close to home, do you desire a new setting? Consider travel expenses if you are hoping to go far away. Urban or Rural- The town a school is located greatly affects the atmosphere of the college. Smaller towns tend to be self-contained communities and Urban centers offer more off- campus activities.

6 Religious orientation- Are you interested in a religion centered school or a public non- religious college? Big or Small- This depends on your personality and how you relate to others. Smaller schools encourage closer contact perhaps smaller class size. While larger schools proved a wider choice of activities and people and sometimes larger class sizes with a smaller recitation.

7 Co-Ed or Single Sex- Most schools are Co- education but there are a select few who cater to the education of woman or men only. Social and Athletic Organizations- What do you want to be involved with in college? Do you want to join a sorority or fraternity? Would you like to play intramural or college sports? Are you interesting in joining ROTC (Reserve Officers Training Corps)

8 Do some Research! Library- Visit the school or public library to look through college directories and guidebooks. Read college publications- you can order free information online from schools you are interested in. Look under Prospective student section or the department of admissions. Search the internet- You can find various college search websites posted on the guidance webpage.

9 Talk with your school counselor Go to to access your career assessments and search for Ask college graduate family and friends for advice but remember what was right for them might not be the right fit for you. Attend the College Fair October 4 th 2011 from 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm

10 College Visit If you’re still stuck make some last minute college visits. Call the admissions office and plan a tour or ask them questions. To get a feel for the school use their public transportation busses. Visit when class is in session to see the school in action.

11 Stay overnight if possible. Include your parents in the visit. Their comments and observations will be useful. Be sure to spend time alone to think and form your own opinion. Surroundings- Does it seem peaceful, overly isolated, active or to rushed? Research extracurricular.

12 If you need an interview… You might need an interview to get into a selective school or program. Bring a few resumes and a list of questions you have about their school or program. Dress professionally and give a firm hand shake. Be confident and be yourself.

13 What they may ask: Your scholastic standing Your scholastic standing Course work Course work Extracurricular activities Extracurricular activities The “personal” you- be positive about yourself and genuine. The “personal” you- be positive about yourself and genuine.

14 You should talk about: Your field of interest- Ask how the college can help you develop your interests and reach your goals. Your plans and objectives- What would you like your life to be in 5 years after college? Your reason for interest in the school Your values and ideals- don’t be afraid to share them.

15 How they choose Academic record- size of your class, your rank, quality of courses Entrance Exam Scores- ACT, SAT Ability to communicate- you may be asked to write essays. They evaluate your school by looking at courses, number of college bound students. Recommendations- The opinion of the head master, teachers, counselors and other professionals that know you.

16 Extracurricular record Number of applicants- all colleges are limited in number of students they can accept. Apply early! Colleges may have factors they don’t discuss. When you apply remember that no single factor will determine acceptance or rejection. Most look for strong qualifications in several areas. Apply to at least 5 schools. At least one of them should be a school you know for sure you can get in.

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