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“If I Only Had a Brain” H-15 Answers to homework.

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1 “If I Only Had a Brain” H-15 Answers to homework

2 Jobs of the Nervous System:
Receiving Information You are aware of what is happening around you Responding to Information Your body often reacts to an action Maintaining Homeostasis Your nervous system tells your body how to respond when it receives information

3 The Neuron Neuron: the cells that carry information through your nervous system Nerve Impulse: the message that a neuron carries

4 Structure of a Neuron Dendrite: an extension of a cell body at carries impulses toward a cell body Axon: carries impulses away from a cell body Nerve: a bundle of nerve fibers

5 Structure of a Neuron 1. Dendrites 3. Cell Body 2. Nucleus 4. Axon
5. Axon Tips

6 Kinds of Neurons Sensory Neuron: picks up stimuli from the internal or external environment on converts each stimulus into a nerve impulse Interneuron: a neuron that carries nerve impulses from one neuron to another Motor Neuron: sends an impulse to a muscle – the muscle contracts in response

7 Path of a Nerve Impulse Sensory Neuron (1&2)
Nerve receptors pick up stimuli, the receptors then trigger nerve impulses in sensory neurons

8 Path of a Nerve Impulse Interneuron (3 & 4)
Nerve impulse is passed to the brain. Your brain decides what you need to do

9 Path of a Nerve Impulse Motor Neuron (5 & 6)
Impulses pass along motor neurons to muscles. The muscles carry out the response.

10 How a Nerve Impulse Travels
120 meters per second Assume distance is one meter total distance = 2 meters 120 m = 2 m solve using 1 sec x ratios 0.017 seconds  meter 

11 Central Nervous System
Two parts of the CNS: Brain and Spinal Cord What does the CNS do? It is the control center of the body

12 Peripheral Nervous System
What is the PNS and what does it do? It is a network of nerves that branch out from the central nervous system and connect it to the rest of the body What is the Somatic Nervous System? This controls voluntary actions like writing What is the Autonomic Nervous System? This controls involuntary actions like breathing

13 What is a reflex? An automatic response that occurs very rapidly and without conscious control

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