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The Nervous System.

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1 The Nervous System

2 What does it do? Is the communication and control system of the body.
Receives information. Responds to information. stimulus response Maintains homeostasis.

3 Parts of the Nervous System
Central Nervous System (CNS) Brain - main control of the body - directs and coordinates all body processes, thoughts, behaviors and emotions Spinal Cord - bundle of nerves inside the vertebra that carries messages to and from the brain. Peripheral Nervous System (PNS) all other nerves in the body Autonomic Nervous System Controls the body’s automatic function

4 What’s a neuron? A message carrying cell.
Carries messages to and from the brain and spinal cord. Parts of a neuron: Dendrites- receive impulses from other neurons and send them to the cell body. Axons- carry impulses away from the cell body. Synapse- small space between two neurons. 2


6 Kinds of neurons Sensory Neurons - pick up stimulus from internal or external environment and converts into a nerve impulse. Interneuron - carries nerve impulses from one neuron to another Motor neuron - sends an impulse to a muscle

7 What’s a nerve impulse? The message that a neuron carries.
It is the signal that is passing through a neuron.

8 What’s a reflex? Responses to changes in the environment.
Automatic Fast Help maintain homeostasis. Allow rapid response to changes. Involve spinal cord and nerves.

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