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The Nervous System The information and control system.

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1 The Nervous System The information and control system

2 What does it mean when you say something makes you nervous? Anxiety and worry are ways people react to their environment The nervous system allows people to react to their environment

3 Functions or Jobs of the Nervous System 1.Receive Information 2. Respond to information 3. Maintain homeostasis

4 Receive Information You use your senses (which are part of the nervous system) to know what is going on outside you. Your body also uses the nervous system to tell what is going on inside.

5 Respond to information Any change or signal that makes an organism react is a stimulus A response is what you do in reaction to a stimulus

6 Maintain Homeostasis Respond to internal or external stimulus I’m hungry

7 Neurons Cells that carry information through your nervous system Brainpop - neurons

8 Dendrites Cell Body Impulses Axon Axon tips One Nerve Cell Synapse

9 Nerve to nerve


11 Three Kinds of Neurons Sensory neuron – picks up stimuli and changes it into a nerve impulse Interneuron – passes the impulse from neuron to neuron Motor neuron – send nerve impulse to muscle, causing muscle to contract

12 Fire Heat stimulus




16 Do Now: Make a flowchart that explains how a nerve impulse is transmitted through the body. Include a stimulus that is detected by receptors, which trigger nerve sensory, then interneurons, which in turn sends the impulse to a motor neuron.

17 Divisions of the Nervous system Central nervous system Peripheral Nervous system

18 Central Nervous system Brain Spinal Cord

19 Brain Cerebrum - Senses, thinking, movement Cerebellum – Coordination and balance Brain stem – involuntary actions ms/brain/

20 ody/interactives/3djigsaw_02/index.shtml?s keleton

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