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Acrostic Poem 離合體詩.

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1 Acrostic Poem 離合體詩

2 An acrostic poem (name poem)
Use a word for its subject Each line begins with a letter from the subject Doesn’t have to rhyme

3 ANNIE Apples are my favorite New clothes New tooth I like ice cream
Excellent at drawing

4 How to write an acrostic poem?
Write the subject of your poem vertically Brainstorm a list of words or ideas Decide how they might fit into the poem Work through all the letters until you have created a line for each letter

5 5 Ws Format Who: Fenju What: English Teacher When: Years Where:Simen
Why: Career

6 Example:FENJU Fun in teaching English all the time Never ending work
Just like you and me Until I QUIT

7 4-Line Poem Fall A color describing word:orange A noun:leaves
A verb:drift down Fall is …. :Fall is windy.

8 Example:FALL From green to orange All the leaves
Lingeringly drifting down down down Love to a windy day till winter comes

9 SNOWMAN Snow falling New flakes On every rooftop a White blanket
Making A winter dream and New flowers for the snowman!

10 CHOCOLATE Creamy or Hot, it makes my mouth scream On and on
Chocolate, chocolate Oh, yum Luscious chocolate, I can’t believe I Ate it all. It Tickles my throat Each time I eat, mmm oh I love chocolate

11 Now it’s your turn to try!
Choose a topic use the name of a person, an object …. Brainstorm and make a list Organize your ideas Write your poem and edit

12 Have fun!

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