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Getting from Point A to Point B….  Be a part of what is going on in class.  Get into the reading.  Pay attention.  Ask questions.  Participate in.

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1 Getting from Point A to Point B…

2  Be a part of what is going on in class.  Get into the reading.  Pay attention.  Ask questions.  Participate in discussion.  Take notes.  Join in with the group.  Be ready to show what you’ve learned.

3  “If you don’t have a plan, then you are planning to fail.” - Harry Wong  What does that quotation mean?  Most people need to think through their ideas and write out some planning notes before beginning a major task.  Outlines, quickwrites, thinking maps, and other organizers help us to organize our ideas.

4  Which thinking map do we use for thinking about comparing and contrasting?  The Double Bubble Map!

5 This map is used to show…  who/what is being compared.  what the two have in common.  the differences between the two.  how the two items relate to a common theme or idea.

6  We are preparing to write another compare contrast essay.  The work we do today with our bubble maps will help us prepare to write.

7 1. Find a group to work with. (groups of 3 or 4, please) 2. Each person creates a double bubble map for his/her own folder collection. 3. When everyone has a finished map, the group gets one sheet of big chart paper. 4. The group works together to create one big double bubble map. 5. The big maps will be displayed on the walls in class. Comparing two characters or stories

8 Two Plans for an Effective Essay

9 Compare and Contrast essays are designed to…  discuss themes/ main ideas.  express similarities/connections in texts or ideas.  express variety/differences in texts or ideas.

10  Paragraph 1: Intro (what is the common theme? Describe and give an example)  Paragraph 2: Unique characteristics of one character or story  Paragraph 3: Unique characteristics of the other character or story  Paragraph 4: How the two characters or stories are similar  Paragraph 5: Conclusion (Restate the intro and the connection to the theme) Add to your notes!

11  Topic Sentence  Supporting Details  Concluding Sentence 7 th graders should write 7-sentence paragraphs We are going to start with 5-sentence paragraphs

12  Topic Sentence = top bun  Details = meat and toppings  Concluding Sentence = bottom bun

13  Start your paragraph with a topic sentence.  Topic sentence = a sentence that explains what you are going to write about.  It should have a noun (subject), a verb, and a main idea.

14  Supporting details= more information about your topic.  One way to do this is to imagine your topic sentence as a question and then ask yourself: ◦ How can I prove this is true? ◦ What examples can I give?

15  End with a concluding sentence  Conclusion = an ending sentence that explains what your paragraph is about.  If you want to, you can add a concluding comment after the concluding sentence.

16  We are going to practice finding: ◦ Topic Sentences ◦ Supporting Sentences (details) ◦ Concluding Sentences

17 Winter is my favorite season because I like the clothes, the food and the activities. In the winter, I can wear a big coat and my favorite sweater. When it's cold, I can eat hot foods and soup. I can drink hot chocolate too. Best of all, in the winter I can do a lot of activities. I can play in the snow and make a snowman. I can go skiing, ice skating, or stay at home by the fireplace. That's why winter is my favorite season.

18 My sister Doris is very friendly, patient, and smart. She can make friends with anyone, because she is very funny. Doris is friendly to everyone, so she has a lot of friends. She is also very patient. She can help children, even when they are crying. If she has to wait at the grocery store, she doesn't get angry. She just starts to talk with the other customers. Another great thing about Doris is that she is smart. She studies a lot and gets good grades in school. She is also very good at solving problems. This is why Doris is a great sister.

19 American food is fast, cheap, and tasty. Some countries have food that takes a long time to make, but Americans like to eat food that is really fast, for example: hot dogs, hamburgers, and sandwiches. American food is not too expensive, if you work in the U.S. It is more expensive than in some countries and less expensive than in other countries, but I think it is pretty cheap. Some people don't like American food, but I think it tastes good. You can put ranch dressing on everything to make it taste delicious. If you are looking for food that is fast, cheap, and tasty, you should try American food.

20  Let’s look at a fun graphic organizer that will help us with our writing…

21  We will organize our essays in class for the next couple of days.  Use your textbooks, your notebook, and the maps displayed in the room, to help you with your writing.  You will be allowed to speak at a level 1½ voice during this activity.  If noise level becomes an issue, we will have to switch to a level zero.

22  Complete the paragraph practice activity sheet.

23  That’s all!  Now it’s your turn to work.  Paragraph 1 is due today!  Paragraphs 2 and 3 tomorrow…

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