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Four Seasons make a year!

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1 Four Seasons make a year!
Miss. Brackett

2 Today we will learn… What is a season? What are the four Seasons?
What times during the year do seasons come?

3 What is a Season? A natural time of year where weather conditions change Different weather each season Four Seasons: Spring, Summer, Autumn (Fall), Winter Different Activities

4 What are the Four Seasons?

5 What time during the year do seasons come?
Spring March 21 –June 20 Summer June 21-Sept 22 Fall Sept 23-Dec 21 Winter Dec 22-March 20

6 SPRING In the Spring: Plant Flowers! Ride your bike! Easter
The snow melts from winter The ground gets warmer and grass and flowers start to grow The air gets warmer It rains to help the grass and flowers grow Ride your bike! Easter

7 SUMMER In the Summer: The Sun makes the earth warmer The Flowers bloom
You can eat ice cream Pool water and Ocean water gets warmer and you can go swimming You can have a picnic! You can go to the Beach! Go see Fireworks on the Fourth of July!

8 Autumn or Fall In the Fall:
The leaves on the trees start to turn brown, yellow, and red They dry out and fall off of the trees It gets very windy Halloween is in the fall Thanksgiving is in the fall You rake the leaves up You can make scarecrows

9 WINTER In the Winter: The air gets really cold It snows a lot
All of the trees have lost their leaves You can go sledding Make a snowman Go ice skating Christmas is in the Winter!

10 ACTIVITY: Write a sentence about your favorite season and draw a picture of it. Write or draw your favorite thing to do during your favorite season. Also, Write why you like it. Have Fun!

11 My Favorite Season I love Summer because it is very warm and sunny. My favorite thing about Summer is going to the beach! The sounds of the ocean, the sand, and the beautiful palm trees are only a few of the things I love about the beach. By: Miss. Brackett

12 END

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