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Welcome to UW AMSA October 13, 2010 Please sign in & be sure to grab some candy!

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1 Welcome to UW AMSA October 13, 2010 Please sign in & be sure to grab some candy!

2 Meet the Officers Catherine Hennessey (President) Senior, Biology (General) & B H Minor Emily Jones (Executive Vice President) Senio, CMD Biology, Latin American Studies and Diversity Minor

3 Meet the Officers Angela Kim (VP of Advocacy/Education) Senior, CMD Biology & Economics Mara Hazeltine (VP of Advocacy/Education) Senior, Psychology

4 Meet the Officers Elroy An (VP of Public Relations) Junior, Biochemistry Dennis Sorta (VP of Public Relations) Junior, Biochemistry Major and Minor in Bioethics and Humanities

5 Meet the Officers Teagan Thorson (VP of Activities) Senior, Major: CMD Biology, Minor: Swedish Kris Levine (VP of Activities) Junior, Biology (Physiology)

6 Meet the Officers Consuelo Olivas (Treasurer and VP of Membership) Senior, CMD Biology & Music (Minor) Shelby Parkin (Secretary and Webmaster) Sophomore, Pre-pharmacy

7 UW Pre-med. Advisors Heather Clineschmidt (Lead Academic Counselor) Pre-med. specialty Ann Trail (Lead Academic Counselor) Pre-med.

8 What is AMSA? This organization will strive to encourage and educate students and non-students alike focused on the topics of international health concerns and fundamental aspects of the medical institution itself. Regular Meetings & Activities Advocacy, Current Events & Ethics

9 Fall Quarter Schedule AMSA/MAPS Single Payer Discussion + TFA Event October 20 th 4:00 - 5:00; 5-6:20 in SMI 120. Kaplan National Practice Test October 23 rd Pre-health Affair (Semi-formal social event November 5 th 8-11PM Walker Ames Medical Student Panel November 10 th AMSA/SHC/Kaplan Suture Clinic

10 Why join AMSA? National Membership ($75 for 5 years) Financial (Bank of America) Test Prep &Travel (Hotel/Car Rental/Kaplan Discounts) Books, Equipment & Publications Insurance & Medical New Physician Subscription Learn more at:

11 Why Join AMSA? Local Membership ($25) Access to professors/doctors Hands on activities (casting/suture clinics) Increase awareness about the medical community Mentorship/networking Reduced cost AMSA Gear: t-shirt, mug, pens! Great new website:

12 Membership Expectations Members in good standing are expected to attend 3 meetings per quarter.

13 Hindsight is 20-20:. What I Wish I knew By the AMSA Officers Adapted from Mayme Marshall

14 You will leave tonight… Outline Proactive Plan of Action: Walk the Walk Study Strategies & Suggestions (that really work!) The Improved Pre-med Mentality Advice to help you make the most of your pre-med experience

15 Part 1: Walking the Premed Walk We must have perseverance and above all confidence in ourselves. We must believe that we are gifted for something and that this thing must be attained. ~Madame Marie Curie

16 Claim/Support System I just want to help people Weak Claim, Strong Support I just want to help people! Clinical experience Treating patients in Somalia Helping homeless youth Tutoring

17 Why Volunteer? Exposure to medical field Reinforces motivation Claim I enjoy clinical work. Support Lots of time in the clinic. …Because you dont already have enough on your plate!

18 How to Volunteer… Mindsets Use your passions as your guide Off the beaten path Resources Student Health Consortium Summer Medical and Dental Education Programs Medical Missions

19 Healthcare in a Developing Nation

20 Catherine in Costa Rica

21 Research.. … Claim I want to pursue research and advance medicine! Support Research background Claim Patient care is right for me, not academic medicine Support Research background (or understand self)

22 More Research Is research essential? How do I get in a lab? Dont hesitate to email professors Look at department faculty profiles Be choosy! Be patient UW Undergraduate Research Program

23 Financial Aid Do NOT blindly accept loans Medical schools will ask about scholarships Apply for Scholarships nts/ugrad/scholar/ nts/ugrad/scholar/ Mary Gates Research/Leadership Grant

24 An Alternative to Science PSYCH 101 C LIT 350 PHIL 242 SOC 214 ESRM 100 CHID 110 SPHSC 100 LING 200 CHID 250 CHID 205 CLAS 205 Music history 120, 162, 331 Ethnomusicology 316, 317, 318 499 credit Study Abroad …take a class of special interest to you

25 Part 2: Study Strategies & Suggestions … I wanted to learn, to change, to improve! ~Marilyn Monroe

26 Study Strategies Use Study Centers (Math, Chem, CLUE) Study Groups Start Webassign the day it is assigned Explore CHEM webpage for old exams Use accompanying textbook CD/Youtube Flashcards- every night, even at the IMA! If you dont need a computer- dont bring it Make time for sleep! Choose a location wisely! Need to memorize biochem. Pathways? Grab a whiteboard in Odegaard or Allen Libraries

27 Suggestions for Success Prepare yourself for lecture Sit in the same seat each day in lecture Dont substitute podcasts for going to lecture Know when you need to withdraw Be your own advocate! Make friends with your TAs and Professor- they grade you! Reduce test anxiety Study far in advance Upward trajectory…

28 Need a Little Help… WiSE: Women in Science Engineering MSEP: Minority Scholars Engineering Program Instructional Center (IC) CLUE Tri-Beta & Free Radicals AED Mentorship Program PreHealth Advising: Gateway Center (Time Management/Stress Control)

29 Part 3: The Premed Mindset And will you succeed? Yes indeed, yes indeed! Ninety-eight and three- quarters percent guaranteed! ~Dr. Seuss


31 Mentality: Your Worst Enemy? We are ALL human Positive Self-Talk Accept the Challenge & Commit But… Its not fair! Remind yourself to be thankful The Curve Mentality …just keep on swimming!

32 Seek Inspiration Literature Mountains Beyond Mountains Think and Grow Rich Awaken the Giant Within How to Win Friends & Influence People Walk through the UWSOM Talk to people who have done it! Make science fun

33 Expanding ALL Sides Be a Complete Applicant Find a hobby Experimental College IMA Swimming Salsa Dancing Go to Husky games Take time for yourself Go on Seattle excursions Eat, sleep & be merry Dont resent your education

34 University of Washington School of Medicine Study Abroad Coursework Exposure to Medicine The good and bad Service/Humanitarianism Personal Statement Interview Selection Factors Average GPA: 3.70 Mean MCAT: 10.33

35 Part 4: Suggestions, Hints, Tips, Pointers, Words of Wisdom Wisdom is not a product of schooling but of the lifelong attempt to acquire it Albert Einstein

36 An Alternative to Odegaard Best Places to Study Gallagher Law Library Odegaard Study Rooms Foster Business Library Physics Library Mechanical Engineering Commons Henry Art Gallery Café Tullys Balmer Classrooms

37 Make Your Life Easier Bagley Lockers Make a private blog Update your resume Discover your organization style Discover your learning style Brainstorm quarterly goals Meet with Adviser Say NO, but dont take NO for an answer Be informed


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