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Applying to Graduate School Presented by Clark University Career Services.

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1 Applying to Graduate School Presented by Clark University Career Services

2 Reasons to apply to graduate school Advanced specialized knowledge Professional training Research / in depth exploration of a topic

3 How is graduate school different? Graduate schools are much more focused; quite different from going to college The top ranked schools will vary by program, not by institution. It is essential to know why you are a good fit for a program before you apply.

4 Types of degrees Master’s 2 – 3 years. Professional Master’s is typically “terminal”; academic can be stepping stone to PhD PhD: 5 – 7 years. Those interested in research and academia typically pursue a PhD. PsyD: 5 – 7 years. More practical / professional training. Check with the Psych department and in particular a member of the Clinical Psych program for info on the differences between a PsyD and PhD. Master’s programs are gaining in popularity and joint degree programs are becoming more common

5 Getting started: Questions to ask yourself Why are you interested in pursuing a graduate degree? What is your specific academic interest? What are your short & long term goals? What can you bring to the program? Do your academic credentials fit within the institution’s admission standards?

6 Suggested Timetable Junior Year, Fall and Spring –Research programs and institutions –Register, prepare for, and take appropriate tests Junior Year, Summer – Write for application materials – Visit institutions of interest if possible – Draft your application essay – Check on application deadlines and rolling admissions policies

7 Suggested Timetable Senior Year, Fall –Obtain letters of recommendation –Take graduate admissions tests if you haven’t already –Submit completed applications well before the application deadline –Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) Senior Year, Spring –Check with all institutions before the deadline to make sure your file is complete –Visit institutions that accept you –Send a deposit to the institution of your choice –Notify other colleges and universities that accepted you of your decision so that they may admit students on their waiting list

8 Researching Programs General sites like and Professional associations may list accredited programs Speak to Clark faculty for suggestions Look for information on courses, faculty areas of research, admissions criteria, geographical location Write to a faculty member at the school who is doing research in your area of interest (research openings; mentor opportunities) Research what types of positions graduates of the program obtain. Does this fit with your career goal? Make contact with programs through open houses, interviews, and emails to faculty FIT is important Consult Clark faculty, graduate school directories, and the Career Services office for assistance

9 The Application Consists of: Transcript Entrance Exams GRE (humanities, sciences) GMAT (management) LSAT (law) MCAT (medicine) MAT Letters of Reference Personal Statement/Application Essay Deadlines are between December to March

10 Quick Overview of the GRE General Test: 3 Sections –Test is administered electronically –Verbal- 30 Q’s, 30 minutes: word knowledge, analogies, reading comp. –Qualitative- 28 Q’s, 45 minutes: geometry, algebra Scored on a 200-800 scale; unofficial scores seen onscreen after testing period –Analytical Writing- Two essays: “Present Your Perspective on an Issue” (45 minutes), “Analyze an Argument” (30 minutes) Subject Test –Administered in paper form –Subject Ares: Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Literature in English, Math, Physics, Psychology

11 Career Services Resources Individual advising appointments Workshops on the graduate/professional school application process, writing a personal statement, and researching career interests Admissions test study guides – available for reference in the Career Services library Personal statement critique service Books on financing graduate school and writing personal statements

12 Plan B For a variety of reasons, you may decide not to go right on to graduate school. Having an alternative plan is important. Career Services can help you create a resume and begin researching job opportunities if you decide to work for a period of time before going on to school. Consult Career Services for career panels, information sessions, and alumni events to learn about different career opportunities.

13 Websites for reference For program information: Council of Graduate Schools

14 The Fifth Year Free Program Clark’s 5 year accelerated B.A./M.A. degree program

15 For Additional Help… Consult with Clark’s Career Services staff. To schedule an appointment, contact us at: (508) 793-7258 or email us at:

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