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WWW CPU PC CD-ROM. floppy disks speakers a mouse a keyboard.

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2 floppy disks speakers

3 a mouse a keyboard

4 a monitor a printer

5 Internet a screen filter

6 an E-mail a drive a U-disk

7 a notebook / laptop main units


9 speakers drives main unit mouse floppy disk monitor keyboard 1.The _______shows words and pictures. 2.You use the ________ for typing in information. 3.The___________records information. 4.The ______ helps you to control the computer. 5.The_________contains all the computers electronics. 6.We can hear the sound from the _________. 7.We put disks into the_______in the main unit. monitor keyboard floppy disk mouse main unit speakers drives P 18

10 When was the first computer made? How big was the first computer? When was Bill Gates born?

11 1. The first computer was made in England. 2. ENIAC was called a monster because it looked really strange. 3. Gates did well in nearly all subjects, especially computer. 4. Bill Gates graduated from Harvard. 5. Computers achieved great progress during 1975 to 1995. 6. The first successful PC was made by Dell. T F F F F F T or F?

12 Where can we see computers? ???

13 There may be tiny, hidden computers. At home?

14 Think

15 _______fast and rarely give wrong answers type,print and ____things teach you and _____________you operate _______ fly planes and ________ We call them electronic brains. calculate draw play games with railways spaceships Listen and fill in the blanks.

16 Doraemon Astro Boy

17 What may computers be able to do in the future? Will computers make our lives better? P 19

18 Write at least 60 words with the topic --- Computers of tomorrow

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