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BPS Special Education iPad Training Paula Wilson and LeRoy Wong.

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1 BPS Special Education iPad Training Paula Wilson and LeRoy Wong

2 Agenda Overview of equipment Setting up and using your iPad Basic functions Accessibility features App overview Small group breakout and reporting

3 The equipment 16GB iPad with Wi-Fi Charger and sync cable Smart Cover VGA cable for projection

4 60 Minutes Video Apps for autism;lst;1

5 Specs and Features

6 First steps Put on your Smartcover (and we’ll show you the different folds) Log in with the passcode Check your settings (wireless, slide switch, popup blocker, etc.) Turn on your iPad

7 Basic navigation Swipe to navigate app pages, and tap an app icon to launch (let’s try Safari) Your finger is the pointer Scroll by flicking Pinch in and out to zoom in and out Tap on text field to bring up the keyboard

8 Using the camera First, tap on the home button to see apps again, then ap the camera app icon Tap on the switching button to change between front and back Gently touch and release the camera button to take a picture. Toggle between camera and video camera for stills and video

9 Camera Fun Click on the home button and choose “Photo Booth” Choose one of the fun settings and take some pictures of yourself and others

10 More camera fun: Video conferencing We’ve included Skype and Facetime (Paula and I will demo) In order to use Facetime, you need an Apple ID (we’ll cover this towards the end)

11 Other cool stuff Make webpage a button or app (the bookmarks and more button within Safari) try this one: orautism/ orautism/ Make a screenshot of what’s on your iPad (press power and home at the same time)

12 Accessibility Click on Settings-->General-- >Accessibility Where it says “Triple-click Home,” choose “Ask” Triple-click the home button

13 Voiceover Allows those with visual impairments to hear what’s on the iPad as they point to things on the screen Will allow it to read books in iBooks, but navigation is different overall and takes some practice

14 Other accessibility features Other features include zooming, large text, and white on black Mono audio for hearing impaired Assistive touch allows you to do certain functions on the iPad in a different way You can read more at: vision.html vision.html

15 Demo of other apps We can’t show you all of them, but we’ll highlight a few Productivity Cause and Effect Communication Literacy and numeracy activities

16 Security and Care Clean the iPad with a soft, clean, lint- free cloth. If you use some sort of cleaner, us a non-alcohol one that’s safe for LCD screens Find my iPad is installed on the iPad, but YOU will need to create an Apple ID and enable it (we’ll cover this when we get to downloading)

17 More security and care When using the the iPad with your students, make sure you are monitoring their use at all times Create an iPad station where students use it flat on the table on a placemat and shouldn’t be picked up. If they have to hold it, you may want to hold it at the same time

18 Downloading your own apps If you have an iTunes account/Apple ID, just sign out of the account by tapping on App Store, and then tapping on where it says Apple ID and sign out Sign in with your iTunes Account/Apple ID, and explore the Store while we work with those who don’t have an account

19 Create an iTunes Account (if you don’t have one) (Using one of as a guinea pig) Tap on the “App Store” on your iPad Sign out of the iosrc170 account in the App Store, and cancel any prompts for now Find a free app you want to download Tap on the “Free” button

20 iTunes Acct. continued Tap Create New Apple ID Read and agree to Terms and Conditions Choose your country and tap “Done” Enter BPS email address, security question, birthday, and create a password Select “None” as payment option

21 A note of caution What we’ve shown you is the ONLY way you should be getting your own content on to the iPad. Please don’t sync iPads with your L4L’s or other computers for now We will identify a school “syncing manager” if you feel the need for more customization than what we’ve shown you today

22 Set up Find My iPad Go to Settings-->iCloud-->Log in with account you just created Turn on Find My iPad Log into with your account, and find your iPad

23 Discussion Questions How will I use this in my classroom with my students? What are the apps that are most useful, and how will I use them? What are the concerns I have around using this in my classroom? What other support will I need to use this?

24 Debrief and Final Thoughts Please don’t forget our blog and wiki at orautism/ orautism/ Use it for collaboration and feedback on this project We are excited to see how you will use this with your students!

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