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CUPA-HR Strong – together!

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1 CUPA-HR Strong – together!

2 What does it mean to be a higher ed HR leader?
How do you define HR leadership in higher education?

3 What does it mean to be a higher ed HR leader?

4 Anticipate How does leadership impact our strategic success?
Anchor: Leadership 4

5 Mission, Strategic priorities and multi-year planning
Our Mission: CUPA-HR is higher ed HR. We serve higher education by providing the knowledge, resources, advocacy and connections to achieve organizational and workforce excellence.

6 Strategic priorities and multi-year planning
Create learning and development opportunities that help ensure present and future professional excellence and success.

7 Strategic priorities and multi-year planning
Proactively influence legislative and regulatory issues that impact higher education, human resources and the higher education workforce.

8 Strategic priorities and multi-year planning
Identify emerging human resources and higher education trends and address their impact on the higher education workplace.

9 Strategic priorities and multi-year planning
Embody a culture of excellence through diversity, inclusion and equitable practices in order to achieve excellence in higher education.

10 Strategic priorities and multi-year planning
Engage CUPA-HR leaders and higher education human resources professionals in work related to CUPA-HR strategic priorities.

11 Strategic priorities and multi-year planning
Deliver salary research, analysis and reporting resources that are the benchmark for higher education.

12 Reflect Acknowledge success How does our leadership play a key role?
How can we best document and track our continued success? 5

13 Anticipate How does an emphasis on priorities lead to overall success?
How does an emphasis on multi-year planning make us stronger as leaders and as an association? How does lifelong learning play a role in strategic priorities, leadership and achievements? 4

14 CUPA-HR Learning framework
Builds a foundation for common HE HR language and practices Encourages the highest standards of HE HR leadership and development Is compatible with current HR practices Can be used on a broad scale – individually, institutionally and association-wide

15 Association Member Development: CUPA-HR Learning Framework
CUPA-HR Mission CUPA-HR Strategic Priorities Association Member Development: Preparing Higher Ed HR Professionals to be Successful TODAY and TOMORROW. CUPA-HR Learning Framework to build HR expertise and professional competency. CUPA-HR Learning Framework Key Higher Education HR Professional Expertise & Knowledge: Understanding Higher Education HR Operations (domestic & international) Benefits Compensation Budget & Finance Recruitment Employee/Labor Relations Employee Development HR Data & Systems Risk Management, Compliance & Public Policy Organizational Development & Planning Building & Developing Self & Others Self Awareness Critical Thinking Relationship Management Conflict engagement Facilitation skills Consulting skills Challenging established practices Constructive inquiry Collaboration Change Management Ethics Communication Cultural Competency Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Establishing Credibility and Accountability Team Building Coaching Leadership Mentoring Building & Developing Talent & Your Organization Management Identifying & Recruiting Talent Sourcing & recruiting Workforce planning – principles & models Mission-Driven Performance Management Aligning talent (the right people on the bus & in the right seats) Aligning performance to mission, strategies, goals Measuring performance & outcomes Recognition, rewards, strategic retention Employee & Leadership Development Career development Continuous learning Adaptive leadership Cultural Architect & Steward Inclusivity “Employer of Choice” mentality Diversity & internationalization of talent & talent pool Creating conditions that enable employees to perform at their very best Changing environment & nature of work 5. Professional Network Accessing/Utilizing Knowledge, Information & Technology Leading the way: The Higher Ed Business Model Metrics that matter to whom? Measuring the work & defining what success looks like Understanding demographics from your own institution Diversity & inclusion data Building an HR model for the future Collaboration & Managing Key Relationships Working with constituents—focus on them with data Managing vendor relationships Asking the right questions HR Transformation Process Reengineering & Practice Insourcing rather than outsourcing HR technology tools that will help leverage HR work Making the case for technology investment Social media/networking

16 CUPA-HR Learning framework
Take a few minutes to review the framework. Then, jot down: Which competencies included in the framework are most important for you? Pick 3 and also note which quadrant(s) these priorities are in.

17 ALP Group activity outcomes

18 Reflect The Learning Framework:
builds a foundation for common HE HR language and practices; aids in immediately identifying and prioritizing key goals that align with strategic priorities; establishes direction for developing essential activities (national, regional, chapter, individual); and aids in creating consistent dialogue for HE HR professionals 5

19 Anticipate In Your Words:
What is most important to your work as a leader on campus? How can CUPA-HR’s strategic priorities steer you into the direction you want to take? In what way will the learning framework guide you? 4

20 summary Thanks from your CUPA-HR Board of Directors!

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