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Developing an Agreement Service Provider’s Perspective.

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1 Developing an Agreement Service Provider’s Perspective

2 What service the organisation provides The suite of services eg accommodation, recreation, training, professional consultation, respite etc The environment the services are provided in eg consumer’s home, community house, day centre etc The geographical areas covered eg Perth Metro, North West, Great Southern etc Level of complexity of the services eg high physical support, managing complex behavioural issues, culturally diverse What the organisation doesn’t provide The services that the organisation is unable to deliver to its target group eg complex behavioural management, secure environment, mental health support, complex health care, day support Offer – What the organisation brings to the table “ Brightwater provides accommodation services across a range of housing options in the Perth Metropolitan area. Its services are able to provide complex physical, cognitive and behavioural care and support. Brightwater does not provide acute mental health care.”

3 Consumers – who does the service provider intend to assist Consider:- –Age range –Disability type –Specialists requirements eg Allied Health, Nursing, behavioural expertise, palliation –Level of need eg high physical care –Cultural background –Any other demographic information Target Group – who are our consumer s “Brightwater is a non denominational organisation that provides accommodation services to people aged between 18 and 65 who have an acquired neurological disability, predominantly acquired brain injury and Huntington’s Disease. It is able to support people who have complex health, physical and behavioural challenges across a continuum of care and through all stages of their life including end of life. It offers appropriate professional staffing to all consumers.”

4 How the organisation plans to provide individual outcomes developed in collaboration with the individual and, where appropriate, their family, guardian and significant others. What the organisation’s process is to meet these individual outcomes How the organisation knows that it is meeting individual outcomes Outcomes Approach – Planning and Review “Brightwater develops individual consumer outcomes in collaboration with the person and, where appropriate their family, guardian and significant others. Consumers are supported in achieving their identified individual outcomes by a process of collaborative bi annual reviews, goal planning and care planning. The degree of outcome achievement is measured within the bi annual review process using both input from the consumer and the Goal Attainment Scale. The quality and consistency of outcome statements is measured by a SMART goals audit system.

5 What is the service model that the organisation offers? Strategies that the organisation uses to support its consumers eg 24 hour staffing, host family, co resident etc The style of organisational interventions eg one on one support, skills development, advocacy, community connectedness etc Consumer and significant other involvement in service delivery eg shared management, micro boards, staff recruitment etc Specialised services and equipment that support service provision to the target group eg enteral meal consumables, professional staff, wound care products etc. Strategies – how will the organisatio n deliver its services “Brightwater provides a skills development service for people with acquired neurological disability aiming to support consumers in either maintaining or regaining independent living skills within a community based accommodation environment. The service is consumer directed and offers 24 hour per day support worker, Allied Health and Nursing support. It provides all necessary consumable items associated with consumer care with the exception of medication”

6 What internal and external processes does the organisation use to ensure it provides a quality service with a continuous improvement focus Complaints and Compliments Consumer and Staff Surveys Auditing Processes Training Quality Management Framework –Evaluation –Self Assessment Formal Quality Accreditation – eg ISO 9001 Quality – what are our Quality Processes “Brightwater has an established and demonstrable Quality infrastructure that includes a full time dedicated Quality Coordinator role. This role oversees accreditation processes, bi annual consumer surveys, audit timetable and compliments and complaints. All staff experience corporate orientation as well as mandatory training in core competencies and on going site based, neurologically specific education.”

7 Offer – What the organisation brings to the table Target Group who are our consumers Outcomes Approach planning and review Strategies what the organisation will deliver Quality features of our people, services, system. Unit Price

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